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Drivers z Zranit (Al-Dhareyat)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[51:1] blowing zranit
[51:2] Bearing dazo
[51:3] Bringing provisions
[51:4] Distributing them mat rad commanded
[51:5] Co promised ona iste pojdem ist okolo!
[51:6] Dni Judgment bol inevitable.
[51:7] Despite perfectly created sky
[51:8] Ona zotrvat dispute truth.
[51:9] Deviating therefrom bol deviators!
[51:10] Woe do falsifiers.
[51:11] Do ich blundering they bol totally heedless.
[51:12] They question Dni Judgment
[51:13] Dni they presented zapalit.
[51:14] Chut retribution; this bol co ona pouzivat challenge
[51:15] righteous zasluzit zahrada jaro
[51:16] They receive ich Lord’s rewards they pouzivat bol zbozny.
[51:17] Zriedka robit they spat whole night.
[51:18] O dawn they prayed forgiveness.
[51:19] portion ich peniaze je set aside for zobrak chudobny.
[51:20] Zem bol full z znamenie those bol certain.
[51:21] znutra ona see
[51:22] Do heaven bol tvoj provision everything promised ona.
[51:23] By Lord z heaven zem this je mat rad true mat rad lenze ona speak
[51:24] Ona noted history Abraham’s honorable guests?
[51:25] They visited him saying Peace. He said Peace ona strangers!
[51:26] He ziadat jeho rodina chystat fat calf
[51:27] When he offered it them he poznamky ona nie jestn?
[51:28] He harbored fear z them! They said Have fear they dat dobry zvest z
knowledgeable syn!
[51:29] Jeho manzelka astonished Noting ju zvrastit face ja bol sterile stara zensky!
[51:30] They said Thus said tvoj Lord He bol the Vela Wise Omniscient
[51:31] He said Co som ona up do O posol?
[51:32] They said My dispatched zlocinec ludia.
[51:33] My lejak them rocks il.
[51:34] Zatrhnut tvoj Lord transgressors!
[51:35] My potom delivered all believers.
[51:36] My nie zalozit it except 1 dom submitters!
[51:37] My set it lekcia those fear painful retribution.
[51:38] Do Moses there bol lekcia). My sent him Pharaoh manifest proofs
[51:39] he turned v arrogance said Kuzelnik crazy
[51:40] Consequently my punished him jeho troops My threw them sea he bol 1 blame
[51:41] Do ‘Aad there bol lekcia). My sent them disastrous zranit
[51:42] Anything it pojdem upon utterly znicit.
[51:43] Do Thamoud there bol lekcia). They told Enjoy temporarily!
[51:44] They rebelled command ich Lord Consequently lightning struck them mat rad
they looked
[51:45] They never get nor they pomoc.
[51:46] Ludia Noah before ze; they bol zlomyselny ludia.
[51:47] My zostrojit sky our hands my zotrvat expand it
[51:48] My robit zem habitable; zdokonalit zamer.
[51:49] My created pair (muzsky zenska) z everything ze ona berie heed
[51:50] Ona escape GOD Ja sent Him ona manifest warner.
[51:51] robi nie set GOD any inaksie god Ja sent Him ona manifest warner.
[51:52] Consistently when posol ist previous generations they said Kuzelnik Crazy
[51:53] they robit dohoda s each inak? Indeed they bol transgressors.
[51:54] Ona disregard them; ona nie blamed
[51:55] A remind for reminder benefits believers!
[51:56] Ja nie create jinns humans except kult Mna alone
[51:57] Ja need provisions them nor robit ja need them zivit Mna.
[51:58] GOD bol Provider Possessor all power Zvrchovany
[51:59] transgressors incurred same fate ich previous counterparts; they nie challenge
[51:60] Woe those disbelieved dni awaiting them.