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Zarodok (Al-Alaq)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[96:1] Read tvoj Lord created
[96:2] He created clovek zarodok.
[96:3] Read a tvoj Lord Exalted
[96:4] Teaches pen
[96:5] He teaches clovek co he never zauzlit.
[96:6] Indeed human transgresses.
[96:7] When he becomes zirny.
[96:8] Do tvoj Lord bol ultimate destiny.
[96:9] Have ona seen jeden enjoins!
[96:10] Others z praying
[96:11] it je lepsi him nasledovat guidance?
[96:12] Al zastanca righteousness?
[96:13] he disbelieves turns
[96:14] he nie realize lenze GOD robit sees
[96:15] Indeed unless he zdrzat sa my berie him forelock
[96:16] forelock disbelieving a sinful.
[96:17] Let him potom vola sa on jeho helpers!
[96:18] My vola sa guardians Hell.
[96:19] Ona nie obey him; ona jesen prostrate kreslit nearer