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Al ʽImrân

Amramites (Al-Imran)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[3:1] A L. M.
[3:2] GOD there NIE bol god except He ZIVY the Eternal.
[3:3] He sent ona this scripture truthfully confirming all previous scriptures He sent
nadol Torah Gospel!
[3:4] before ze, do guide ludia He sent statute kniha! Those disbelieve GOD’s
revelations incur severe retribution. GOD bol Almighty Avenger.
[3:5] Nothing zatajit GOD zem heaven.
[3:6] He bol Jeden shapes ona wombs mat rad He wills. There nie bol inak god Him;
Almighty Wise.
[3:7] He sent ona this scripture containing straightforward verses – Kto constitute
essence scripture – I mat rad multiple-meaning allegorical verses Those harbor doubts ich
srdce pursue multiple-meaning verses create zmatok extricate certain vyznam! Ziaden
zauzlit true vyznam thereof except GOD those lepsi founded znalost! They say My verit
v this – all z it pojdem our Lord Len those possess inteligencia berie heed
[3:8] Our Lord let nie our srdce waver teraz ze Ona guided us! Lejak us Tvoj zlutovanie;
Ona bol Grantor!
[3:9] Our Lord Ona iste zozbierat ludia dni bol inevitable! GOD never ZLOMIT
[3:10] Those disbelieve never pomoc ich peniaze nor ich dieta GOD They je kurivo
[3:11] Mat Rad Pharaoh’s ludia those them they zamietnut our revelations consequently
GOD punished them ich zhresit. GOD bol strict v enforcing retribution!
[3:12] Say do those disbelieve Ona defeated potom zozbierat Hell; co chudobny abode!
[3:13] Vzor set ona 2 armies clashed – 1 army boj zapricinit GOD chvila inaksie
disbelieving They saw ich own oci they bol dva krat mat rad vela. GOD supports JEHO
victory whomever He wills. This zadovazit assurance those possess vision.
[3:14] Zdobit ludia bol worldly radost such mat rad zensky having dieta piles piles z
zlaty silver vlak horses zivy inventar zozat. These bol latka this world Daleko lepsie
abode rezervovat GOD
[3:15] Say Let mna informovat ona z vela lepsie deal those lead righteous zivot
rezervovat ich Lord bol zahrada flowing streams pure spouses radost GOD’s blessings
GOD bol Seer Jeho worshipers!
[3:16] They say Our Lord my verit forgive us our zhresit rezervny us agony hellfire.
[3:17] They bol steadfast truthful submitting charitable a meditators o dawn
[3:18] GOD bears SVEDOK there NIE bol god except He A robi angels those possess
ZNALOST! Truthfully equitably He bol absolute god there nie bol god He Almighty
[3:19] Iba nabozenstvo approved by GOD bol Submission. Ironically those received
scripture bol jeden dispute this fact znalost they received ziarlivsot. For such rejectors
GOD’s revelations GOD bol strict do reckoning
[3:20] they argue ona potom say ja len submitted GOD ja those nasledovat mna. Ona
proclaim those received scripture i mat rad those nie robit Would ona submit? they
submit potom they guided they turn tvoj chodidlo mission je deliver this odkaz! GOD bol
Seer all LUDIA.
[3:21] Those zamietnut GOD’s revelations killed prophets unjustly killed those zastanca
justice among the ludia, promise them painful retribution!
[3:22] Ich robota nullified both v this zivot Hereafter they nie have helpers.
[3:23] Ona noted those je dat part z scripture ako they invited uphold this scripture GOD
apply it ich own zivy potom some z them turn aversion?
[3:24] This because they said hellfire nie touch us a few dni. They thus klamat ich
nabozenstvo ich own fabrications!
[3:25] Ako it robit for them when my je zvolat them ze inevitable dni? Each soul je
platit for whatever it zarabat maly injustice!
[3:26] Say Our god possessor all sovereignty! Ona grant sovereignty whomever Ona
zvolit si Ona zosadit sovereignty whomever Ona zvolit si. Ona grant dignity whomever
Ona zvolit si commit do humiliation whomever Ona zvolit si. Do Tvoj hand bol all
provisions Ona bol Omnipotent
[3:27] Ona merge night dni merge dni night. Ona produce zivy dead produce dead z
zivy Ona zadovazit for whomever Ona zvolit si limits
[3:28] believers never ally disbelievers believers. Whoever robit this exiled GOD
Exempted som those forced robi this avoid persecution! GOD alerts ONA ZE ONA
reverence Him alone Do GOD bol ultimate destiny.
[3:29] Say Whether ona zatajit tvoj innermost myslienka declare it GOD je fully aware
thereof. He bol fully aware z everything do heavens zem! GOD bol Omnipotent
[3:30] Dni pojdem when each soul zalozit all dobre zavodny it robit brought forth Mat
rad for zlo zavodny it zelat ze they daleko daleko zosadit! GOD alerts ONA ZE ONA
reverence Him alone GOD JE Compassionate towards LUDIA.
[3:31] Proclaim If ona laska GOD ona nasledovat mna GOD will potom laska ona
forgive tvoj zhresit! GOD bol Forgiver Merciful.
[3:32] Proclaim Ona obey GOD posol they turn GOD nie laska disbelievers!
[3:33] GOD ZVOLIT SI Adam Noah RODINA Abraham RODINA Amram POSOL)
[3:34] They belong same progeny. GOD bol Hearer Omniscient
[3:35] Manzelka Amram said Moj Lord ja dedicated baby moj brucho Ona totally so
accept mna! Ona bol Hearer Omniscient
[3:36] When ona dat narodenie do ju ona said Moj Lord ja dat narodenie girl – GOD JE
fully aware z CO ONA bore – Muzsky nie bol same mat rad zena. Ja vola sa ju Mary ja
vzyvat Tvoj protection ju ju descendants z zamietnut devil
[3:37] Ju Lord accepted ju gracious acceptance brought ju gracious upbringing
guardianship Zachariah. Whenever Zachariah zapisat ju sanctuary he zalozit provisions
ju. He ziadat Mary robit ona get this z? Ona say It bol GOD GOD zadovazit for
whomever He ZVOLIT SI limits
[3:38] when Zachariah implored jeho Lord Moj Lord grant mna such dobry dieta Ona
bol Hearer prayers.
[3:39] angels vola sa him when he praying sanctuary GOD dat ona dobry zvest z Ahoj
believer word GOD honorable moral righteous prophet.
[3:40] He said Ako mozem ja have chlapec when ja bol stara moj manzelka sterile He
said GOD robit whatever He wills.
[3:41] He said Moj Lord dat mna znamenie. He said Tvoj znamenie bol lenze ona nie
speak do ludia 3 dni znamenie! Commemorate tvoj Lord frequently; meditate night dni!
[3:42] angels said O Mary GOD zvolit si ona purified ona. He zvolit si ona all zensky.
[3:43] O Mary ona submit tvoj Lord prostrate bow nadol those bow nadol!
[3:44] This bol zvest minuly my reveal ona. Ona nie bol there when they kreslit ich
raffles select Mary’s guardian Ona nie bol present when they argued 1 iny
[3:45] angels said O Mary GOD dat ona dobry zvest Word z Him vola sa je Messiah
Jesus syn Mary. He bol prominent v this zivot Hereafter 1 z those koniec do Mna. ‘
[3:46] He speak do ludia crib i mat rad dospely; he bol 1 z the righteous.
[3:47] Ona said Moj Lord ako mozem ja have syn when ziaden clovek touched mna? He
said GOD thus creates whatever He wills. Do have anything robit He len says do Bol ‘ it
[3:48] He teach him scripture wisdom Torah Gospel.
[3:49] mat rad posol Dieta Izrael ja pojdem ona znamenie z tvoj Lord – Ja create ona z il
shape bird potom ja blow it it becomes zit bird GOD’s odist. Ja restaurovat vision blind
heal leprous ja revive dead GOD’s odist! Ja tell ona co ona jestn co ona store tvoj domov.
This bol proof ona if ona bol believers.
[3:50] Ja confirm previous scripture – Torah – Ja revoke certain zakaz impozantny upon
ona. Ja pojdem ona sufficient proof z tvoj Lord Therefore ona observe GOD obey mna.
[3:51] GOD bol MOJ Lord TVOJ Lord ONA KULT Him alone This je na pravo
[3:52] When Jesus zmysel ich disbelief he said Kto bol moj supporters GOD disciples
said My bol GOD’s supporters; my verit v GOD bear svedok my bol submitters!
[3:53] Our Lord my have verit v co Ona sent nadol my nasledovat posol; pocitat us
[3:54] They zapletka kut plany robi GOD GOD bol lepsie schemer!
[3:55] Thus GOD said O Jesus ja zakoncit tvoj zivot chov ona do Mi ridding ona z
disbelievers! Ja exalt those nasledovat ona above those disbelieve Dni Vzkriesenie.
Potom do Mna bol ultimate destiny z all z ona potom ja judge ona tvoj disputes
[3:56] Mat rad for those disbelieve ja commit them painful retribution v this world do
Hereafter They nie have helpers.
[3:57] Mat rad for those verit lead righteous zivot He fully recompense them! GOD NIE
LASKA the unjust.
[3:58] These je revelations ze my recite ona zadovazit odkaz full z wisdom!
[3:59] Vzor Jesus GOD zaujem je same mat rad ze z Adam; He created him dust potom
said do him Bol he bol
[3:60] This bol truth tvoj Lord nie harbor any doubts
[3:61] Ktokolvek argues ona znalost ona received potom say Let us zvolat our dieta tvoj
dieta our zensky tvoj zensky yourselves potom let us vzyvat GOD’s curse liars!
[3:62] Absolutely this bol narration truth. Absolutely there nie bol god except GOD
Absolutely GOD bol Almighty Wise.
[3:63] they turn potom GOD bol fully aware z evildoers.
[3:64] Say O followers scripture pojdem logical dohoda us ona ze my nie kult GOD my
never set any idols Him nor set any human beings lords GOD they turn say Bear svedok
my bol submitters!
[3:65] O followers scripture why ona argue Abraham when Torah Gospel nie revealed
until after him? Ona nie chapat?
[3:66] Ona argued things ona have zauzlit; ona argue things ona nie zauzlit? GOD
[3:67] Abraham bol neither Zidovsky nor Christian he bol monotheist submitter. He
never bol idol worshiper.
[3:68] Ludia worthy z Abraham bol those nasledovat him this prophet those verit. GOD
bol Lord ZVLADNUT Z believers!
[3:69] Some followers scripture zelat lead ona astray they len lead astray without
[3:70] O followers scripture ona zamietnut these revelations GOD ona bear svedok this
bol truth)?
[3:71] O followers scripture why ona confound truth falsehood robit zatajit truth
[3:72] Some followers scripture say Verit v co sent nadol believers v the rano zamietnut
it v the vecer maybe someday they revert
[3:73] Nie verit except mat rad those nasledovat tvoj nabozenstvo. Say true guidance bol
GOD’s guidance. they reklamacia lenze they have same guidance argue ona tvoj Lord say
All grace bol GOD’s hand He bestows it whomever He wills. GOD bol Bounteous
[3:74] He specifies Jeho zlutovanie whomever He wills; GOD possesses unlimited grace
[3:75] Some followers scripture trusted whole lot they dat it ona. Others them nie
trusted single dinar; they nie repay ona ona keep them. Je they say My have do bol honest
when dealing s gentiles! Thus they attribute laicky GOD knowingly
[3:76] Indeed those fulfill ich zavaznost lead righteous zivot GOD laska the righteous!
[3:77] Mat rad for those zivnost away GOD’s covenant ich zavaznost lacny price they
receive ziaden share Hereafter GOD will NIE speak do them nor look them DNI
VZKRIESENIE nor will He purify them! They incurred painful retribution.
[3:78] Among them je those zvitok ich jazyk imitate scripture ona myslienka je scripture
when nie bol scripture they reklamacia it bol GOD when it nie bol GOD Thus they utter
laicky attribute them GOD knowingly
[3:79] Never would human bol koho GOD zehnat s scripture prophethood say do ludia
Idolize mna GOD Radsej (he say Devote absolutely tvoj Lord alone scripture ona preach
teachings ona learn
[3:80] Nor would he command ona idolize angels prophets lords he exhort ona Would
disbelieve becoming submitters?
[3:81] GOD BERIE covenant prophets saying JA DAT ONA scripture wisdom.
Afterwards posol pojdem confirm all existing scriptures! Ona verit v him support him.
He said Robi ona zhodovat sa this zavazok fulfill this covenant They said My zhodovat.
sa. He said Ona thus borne svedok ja bear svedok ona!
[3:82] Those zamietnut this (Quranic prophecy) bol zly jeden.
[3:83] they seeking GOD’s nabozenstvo when everything do heavens zem submitted
Him willingly unwillingly a Him they spatny listok?
[3:84] Say My verit v GOD do co sent us v co sent nadol Abraham Ismail Isaac Jacob
Patriarchs v co dat Moses Jesus prophets ich Lord My nie robit distinction any z them.
Do Him alone my bol submitters.
[3:85] Ktokolvek accepts Submission jeho nabozenstvo it nie accepted him Hereafter he
bol losers!
[3:86] Why GOD guide ludia should disbelieved after verit after svedok posol bol truth
a solid proofs dat them? GOD NIE guide the ZLOMYSELNY.
[3:87] These incurred condemnation GOD angels all ludia.
[3:88] Eternally they abide therein; retribution never zmenit them nor will they
[3:89] Exempted bol those kto repent thereafter reform GOD bol Forgiver Merciful.
[3:90] Those disbelieve verit potom plunge deeper disbelief ich repentance nie accepted
them; they bol real strayers.
[3:91] Those disbelieve umrel disbelievers earthful zlaty will nie accepted any z them
vecer such ransom bol possible They incurred painful retribution; they nie have helpers.
[3:92] Ona nie attain righteousness ona dat laska k bliznemu imanie ona laska.
Whatever ona dat laska k bliznemu GOD bol fully aware thereof.
[3:93] All food pouzivat je lawful for Dieta Izrael Izrael impozantny certain zakaz
themselves before Torah sent nadol! Say Bring Torah read it ona bol truthful!
[3:94] Those fabricate false zakaz this attribute them do GOD bol truly zlomyselny!
[3:95] Say GOD proclaimed truth Ona nasledovat Abraham’s nabozenstvo –
monotheism. He never bol idolater.
[3:96] The vela dolezity shrine zriadit for ludia bol 1 Becca; zehnat beacon all ludia.
[3:97] Do je zretelny znamenie stanica Abraham. Ktokolvek zapisat it granted safe
chodba. Ludia owe it GOD ze they observe Hajj this shrine when they afford it Mat rad
for those disbelieve GOD nie need ktokolvek.
[3:98] Say O followers scripture why ona zamietnut these revelations GOD when GOD
svedok everything ona je robit?
[3:99] Say O followers scripture robit ona zapudit chodnicek GOD those zelat verit seek
distort it vecer ona je svedok? GOD je never unaware z anything ona robit![3:100] O ona verit ona obey some z those kto received scripture they revert ona verit
[3:101] Ako ona disbelieve when these revelations GOD recited ona Jeho posol pojdem
ona? Whoever holds chytro GOD will guided na pravo chodnicek!
[3:102] O ona verit ona observe GOD mat rad He observed nie umrel Submitters.
[3:103] Ona hold chytro lano GOD all z ona a nie divided Recall GOD’s blessings ona! –
Ona pouzivat bol enemies He zmiernit tvoj srdce. By Jeho grace ona became brethren.
Ona je brink bana z zapalit, He saved ona therefrom GOD thus explains JEHO
revelations ONA ONA guided
[3:104] Let there bol obec z ona invite do co bol dobry zastanca righteousness zakazat
zly. These bol winners.
[3:105] Nie bol those became divided disputed zretelny proofs ze dat them! For these
incurred hrozny retribution.
[3:106] Dni pojdem when some faces brightened radost) chvila inaksie faces darkened
misery)! Mat rad for those faces darkened they ziadat ona je nie disbelieve after verit?
Therefore suffer retribution tvoj disbelief!
[3:107] Mat rad for those faces brightened they rejoice GOD’s zlutovanie; they abide
therein forever
[3:108] These som GOD’s revelations; my recite them ona truthfully. GOD NIE zelat si
any hardship LUDIA.
[3:109] GOD belongs everything heavens everything zem all zalezitost controlled GOD
[3:110] Ona je dobre obec vzdy chov among the ludia ona zastanca righteousness
zakazat zly ona verit v GOD followers scripture verit it je lepsie them. Some z them verit
majority z them bol zlomyselny!
[3:111] They never harm ona beyond insulting ona! they boj ona they turn around flee!
They never zvitazit.
[3:112] They humiliated whenever ona encounter them they uphold GOD’s covenant i
mat rad ich peace covenants ona! They incurred zloba GOD consequently they
committed disgrace This because they zamietnut GOD’s revelations killed prophets
unjustly! This they disobeyed transgressed
[3:113] They nie bol all the same followers scripture there bol those bol righteous. They
recite GOD’s revelations night they jesen prostrate
[3:114] They verit v GOD Posledny Dni they zastanca righteousness zakazat zly they
hasten robi righteous robota! These bol the righteous.
[3:115] Any dobre they nie ist unrewarded. GOD bol fully aware z the righteous.
[3:116] Those disbelieved never pomoc ich peniaze ich dieta GOD They incurred Hell
wherein they abide forever
[3:117] Vzor ich accomplishments v this zivot bol violent zranit hits zatva ludia zlo ich
souls wipes it out! GOD never ZLO them; bol they ZLO!
[3:118] O ona verit nie befriend outsiders never cease zelat ona harm they vecer zelat
see ona suffer! Hatred flows ich usta co they zatajit v ich chests bol daleko zly My thus
clarify revelations ona if ona chapat.
[3:119] Tu ty bol laska them chvila they nie laska ona ona verit v all scripture! When
they schodza ona they say My verit mat rad skoro mat rad they lavy they kusok ich
fingers zurivost ona. Say Umrel tvoj zurivost. GOD bol fully aware z innermost thoughts.
[3:120] When anything dobry pod tvoj way they zranit when nieco zly happens ona they
rejoice Ona steadfastly persevere maintain righteousness ich kut plany never zranit ona!
GOD JE fully aware z everything they ROBIT.
[3:121] Recall ona (Muhammad) je tvoj ludia when ona set out assign believers ich
positions for battle GOD bol Hearer Omniscient
[3:122] 2 zoskupit ona skoro zlyhat GOD bol ich Lord Do GOD believers trust
[3:123] GOD granted ONA victory Badr TVOJ weakness. Therefore ona observe GOD
show tvoj appreciation.
[3:124] Ona told believers Je it nie enough ze tvoj Lord supports ona 3000 angels sent
[3:125] Indeed ona steadfastly persevere maintain righteousness potom they zachvatit
ona zrazu tvoj Lord support ona 5000 angels lepsi vlak
[3:126] GOD thus INFORMOVAT ONA v poradie DAT ONA DOBRY zvest assure
TVOJ srdce Victory pojdem len z GOD Almighty Wise.
[3:127] He thus annihilates some disbelievers neutralizes them; they vzdy koniec losers!
[3:128] Je up do ona; He redeem them He punish them for ich transgressions!
[3:129] Do GOD belongs everything heavens zem! He forgives whomever He wills
punishes whomever He wills! GOD bol Forgiver Merciful.
[3:130] O ona verit ona nie berie usury zlucit over i over Observe GOD ze ona succeed!
[3:131] Beware z hellfire awaits disbelievers!
[3:132] Ona obey GOD posol ze ona attain zlutovanie.
[3:133] Ona eagerly zavodny forgiveness tvoj Lord Raj whose width encompasses
heavens zem; it awaits the righteous
[3:134] Kto dat laska k bliznemu dobry cas, i zly lehota. They bol suppressors zlost
pardoners ludia. GOD LASKA the charitable.
[3:135] they jesen zhresit zlo ich souls they zapamatat si GOD ziadat forgiveness ich
zhresit! – Kto forgives zhresit except GOD – they nie zotrvat do zhresit knowingly
[3:136] Ich recompense bol forgiveness ich Lord zahrada flowing streams they abide
therein forever Co zehnat reward robotnik!
[3:137] Precedents set ona v the minuly; roam zem note consequences unbelievers.
[3:138] This bol proclamation ludia guidance enlightenment for the righteous.
[3:139] Ona nie waver nor shall ona rmutit sa ona bol ultimate victors ona bol believers.
[3:140] Ona suffer hardship enemy i suffers same hardship. My alternate dni victory a
defeat among the ludia! GOD thus distinguishes true believers ZEHNAT some z ONA
martyrdom! GOD NEMAT RAD injustice.
[3:141] GOD thus toughens those verit humiliates disbelievers!
[3:142] Ona expect zapisat Raj GOD distinguishing those among ona kto strive without
distinguishing those bol steadfast?
[3:143] Ona pouzivat long smrt ona face it Ihned ona faced it riadne tvoj oci.
[3:144] Muhammad bol ziaden inak than posol posol him. he umrel Should get killed
ona turn tvoj heels Ktokolvek turns jeho heels nie zranit GOD v the maly GOD rewards
those bol appreciative
[3:145] Ziaden 1 umrel GOD’s odist do predetermined cas Whoever seeks vanities this
world my dat him therefrom whoever seeks rewards Hereafter my zehnat him therein!
My reward those bol appreciative
[3:146] Vela prophet had godly ludia boj him without vzdy wavering pressure zapricinit
z GOD nor robit they hesitate become zastrasit! GOD LASKA the steadfast.
[3:147] Ich iba utterance bol Our Lord forgive us our zhresit our transgressions zosilnit
our foothold grant us victory disbelievers!
[3:148] Consequently GOD granted them rewards this world lepsie rewards z Hereafter
[3:149] O ona verit ona obey those disbelieve they turn ona on tvoj heels potom ona
koniec losers!
[3:150] GOD alone bol TVOJ Lord ZVLADNUT He bol LEPSIE supporter!
[3:151] My throw terror srdce z those disbelieved since they set GOD powerless idols.
Ich destiny bol Hell; co chudobny abode transgressors!
[3:152] GOD fulfilled JEHO promise ONA ONA defeated them JEHO ODIST! Potom
ona wavered disputed yourselves disobeyed after He shown ona (victory) ona longed for
Potom some z ona became zmateny spoils this world chvila others rightly zaujem
Hereafter He potom diverted ona them test ona! He pardoned ona. GOD LEJAK
believers JEHO grace

[3:153] Recall lenze ona rushed spoils platit ziaden pozor ktokolvek vecer when posol
vola sa z ona! Consequently He zastupid 1 misery iny ona nie rmutit sa anything ona
zameskat agonize any hardship ona suffered GOD bol Cognizant Z everything ONA
[3:154] After setback He sent ona peaceful spat pacified some z ona. Others ona
selfishly zaujem themselves. They harbored thoughts GOD je na pravo – same thoughts
they harbored dni ignorance. Thus they said Je anything up do us? Say Everything bol up
do GOD They zatajit inside co they nie reveal ona! They said it bol up do us ziaden z us
killed v this battle Say Had ona zostat tvoj domov those destined killed crawled ich smrt
zahon. GOD thus puts ona test bring out tvoj true convictions test co bol tvoj srdce! GOD
bol fully aware z innermost thoughts.
[3:155] Iste those among ona turned dni 2 armies clashed duped devil This zrkadlit
some z (zly) robota they committed GOD pardoned them. GOD bol Forgiver Clement
[3:156] O ona verit nie bol those disbelieved said z ich kinsmen cestovat mobilized
vojnovy Had they zostat us they nie umrel gotten killed GOD renders this zdroj zalost ich
srdce! GOD controls ZIVOT SMRT. GOD bol Seer Z everything ONA ROBIT!
[3:157] Ona get killed umrel zapricinit GOD forgiveness z GOD zlutovanie bol daleko
lepsie than anything they hoard
[3:158] Ona umrel get killed ona zvolat GOD
[3:159] bol zlutovanie GOD ona became compassionate towards them. Had ona bol
harsh mean-hearted they zhyraly ona. Therefore ona pardon them ziadat forgiveness them
consult them! Once ona robit decision beriem tvoj plan trust GOD GOD LASKA those
trust Him.
[3:160] GOD supports ona ziaden defeat ona. A if He zhyraly ona kto support ona? Do
GOD believers trust
[3:161] Vecer prophet nie berie inak z spoils vojnovy than he entitled Ktokolvek berie
inak than jeho rightful share have zisk for it Dni Vzkriesenie! Je when each soul je platit
for whatever it zarabat maly injustice.
[3:162] Jeden pursues GOD’s radost same mat rad jeden je incurs zloba GOD jeho
destiny bol Hell the vela chudobny abode?
[3:163] They istota zaujaty inak ranks GOD GOD bol Seer Z everything they ROBIT.
[3:164] GOD ZEHNAT believers CHOV ICH midst POSOL them recite them JEHO
revelations purify them teach them scripture wisdom! Before this they ist totally astray.
[3:165] Ihned ona suffered setback vecer ona inflicted dva krat mat rad vela suffering
(upon tvoj enemy ona said robit this happen us? Say This bol consequence z tvoj own
cin. GOD bol Omnipotent
[3:166] Co afflicted ona dni 2 armies clashed bol v accordance s GOD’s will distinguish
[3:167] Do expose hypocrites told Pojdem boj zapricinit GOD contribute They said my
zauzlit ako boj my joined ona. They bol koniec do disbelief potom than they bol belief!
They uttered ich usta co nie bol ich srdce! GOD zauzlit co they ZATAJIT.
[3:168] They said z ich kinsmen mat rad they zostat zadny Had they obeyed us they nie
killed Say Potom zamedzit tvoj own smrt ona bol truthful!
[3:169] Nie myslienka those killed zapricinit GOD bol dead they bol alive ich Lord
enjoying Jeho provisions
[3:170] They rejoicing GOD’s grace they have dobry zvest ich comrades robi nie
zomriet them ze they have nothing fear nor will they rmutit sa!
[3:171] They have dobry zvest z GOD’s blessings a grace a lenze GOD never zlyhat
reward believers!
[3:172] those respond GOD posol persecution they suffer maintain ich dobry robota lead
righteous zivot velka reward
[3:173] When ludia say do them Ludia mobilized ona; ona fear them this len zosilnit ich
faith they say GOD suffices us; He je lepsie Protector!
[3:174] They zasluzit GOD’s blessings grace ziaden harm vzdy touches them they
attained GOD’s approval GOD possesses infinite grace
[3:175] bol devil’s system instill fear jeho subjects Nie fear them fear Mna radsej if ona
bol believers!
[3:176] Nie saddened those hasten disbelieve! They never zranit GOD v the maly
Radsej GOD has willed ze they have share Hereafter They incurred hrozny retribution.
[3:177] Those zvolit si disbelief belief nie zranit GOD v the maly they incurred painful
[3:178] Let nie disbelievers myslienka my lead them for ich own dobre My len lead
them on confirm ich sinfulness! They incurred humiliating retribution.
[3:179] GOD NIE bol LAVY believers ONA JE without distinguishing ZLY Z dobre
Nor robit GOD informovat ona z buduci GOD bestows such znalost whomever He zvolit
si Jeho posol! Therefore ona verit v GOD Jeho posol. Ona verit lead righteous zivot ona
receive velka recompense
[3:180] Let nie those withhold hoard GOD’s provisions myslienka this bol dobry them;
it bol zly for them! For they beriem ich hoarding ich krk Dni Vzkriesenie. GOD bol
ultimate inheritor Z heavens ZEM. GOD JE fully Cognizant Z everything ONA ROBIT.
[3:181] GOD heard utterances those said GOD bol CHUDOBNY CHVILA MY bol
ZIRNY. MY ZAPISNICA everything they said iba mat rad MY ZAPISNICA ICH killing
prophets unjustly MY say Suffer retribution Hell!
[3:182] This bol consequence tvoj own zavodny. GOD bol never unjust towards ludia.
[3:183] bol they said GOD robit covenant us ze my nie verit v any posol he produces
offering gets consumed zapalit. Say Posol mna pojdem do ona zretelny proofs inkluzive
co ona iba ziadat! Why potom ona kill them ona robit bol truthful?
[3:184] they zamietnut ona posol ona zamietnut vecer they brought proofs Zalm
enlightening scripture.
[3:185] Kazdy clovek chut smrt potom ona receive tvoj recompense Dni Vzkriesenie!
Whoever zameskat Hell ledva robit it Raj attained velka triumph Zivot this world bol
ziaden inak than iluzia.
[3:186] Ona istota tested tvoj peniaze tvoj zivot ona hear z those received scripture z
idol worshipers a lot z insult Ona steadfastly persevere lead righteous zivot this prove
strength tvoj faith!
[3:187] GOD BERIE covenant Z those received scripture ONA proclaim it LUDIA
never ZATAJIT it they disregarded it ICH ZADNY zivnost it away LACNY price Co
chudobny zivnost.
[3:188] Those kto chvastat sa ich robota zelat chvalit nieco they skutocne nie robit nie
myslienka they evade retribution. They incurred painful retribution.
[3:189] Do GOD belongs sovereignty z heavens zem! GOD bol Omnipotent
[3:190] Do creation z heavens zem alternation night dni there bol znamka those possess
[3:191] They zapamatat si GOD chvila standing zasadat ich strana they zrkadlit creation
heavens zem Our Lord Ona nie create all this v vain Ona glorified Save us z retribution
[3:192] Our Lord whomever Ona commit do Hell som the jeden Ona forsaken Such
transgressors nie have helpers.
[3:193] Our Lord my heard caller vola sa do faith proclaiming ‘Ona verit v tvoj Lord ‘
my verit! Our Lord forgive us our transgressions remit our zhresit umrel righteous
[3:194] Our Lord lejak us blessings ona promised us Tvoj posol nie forsake us Dni
Vzkriesenie! Ona never zlomit promise
[3:195] Ich Lord responded them ja never zlyhat reward any robotnik ona any robota
ona bol ona muzsky zena – Ona bol equal do jeden iny Thus those immigrate evicted ich
domov persecuted Mi boj get killed ja iste remit ich zhresit admit them into zahrada
flowing streams Such bol reward GOD GOD possesses ultimate reward
[3:196] Nie imponovat zjavny zdar disbelievers!
[3:197] They len enjoy temporarily potom koniec Hell; co chudobny destiny!
[3:198] Mat rad for those observe ich Lord they zasluzit zahrada flowing streams they
abide therein forever Such je abode dat do them GOD Co GOD possesses je daleko
lepsie for the righteous.
[3:199] Iste some followers previous scriptures verit v GOD v co revealed ona v co
revealed them! They reverence GOD they never zivnost away GOD’s revelations for
lacny price These receive ich recompense ich Lord GOD JE the vela ZDATNY DO
[3:200] O ona verit ona bol steadfast ona persevere ona zlucit ona observe GOD ze ona