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Destiny (Al-Qadr)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[87:1] Glorify vola sa tvoj Lord the Vela High
[87:2] He creates shapes
[87:3] He zamyslat guides
[87:4] He produces pasture
[87:5] Potom turns it lahky hay
[87:6] My recite ona; nie zabudnut!
[87:7] Everything je v accordance s GOD’s will He zauzlit co declared co zatajit!
[87:8] My rezirovat ona easiest chodnicek.
[87:9] Therefore ona remind; perhaps reminder benefit
[87:10] reverent will berie heed
[87:11] Zlomyselny will avoid it
[87:12] Consequently he suffer velka Hellfire.
[87:13] Wherein he never umrel nor zostat alive.
[87:14] Zdarny indeed je jeden redeems jeho soul.
[87:15] By zapamatat si vola sa jeho Lord observing zmluva prayers (Salat)!
[87:16] Indeed ona preoccupied this prvy zivot.
[87:17] Vecer though Hereafter bol daleko lepsie everlasting
[87:18] This zapisnica zavcas teachings.
[87:19] teachings z Abraham Moses