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Dunes (Al-Ahqaf)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[46:1] H. M.
[46:2] revelation this scripture bol GOD Almighty Wise.
[46:3] My nie create heavens zem everything them specific ucel finite interim Those
disbelieve je totally oblivious do warnings dat them.
[46:4] Say Consider idols ona set GOD Show mna co on zem robit they create! they
own part z heavens? Show mna any inaksie scripture before this 1, any kusok zriadit
znalost supports tvoj idolatry ona bol truthful!
[46:5] Kto bol daleko astray than those idolize GOD idols never respond them Dni
Vzkriesenie som totally unaware z ich kult?
[46:6] A when ludia zvolat Dni Judgment ich idols become ich enemies denounce ich
[46:7] When our revelations recited them perfectly zretelny those disbelieved said z
truth pojdem them This bol obviously kuzlo!
[46:8] When they say He fabricated this say ja fabricated this potom ona nie chranit mna
GOD He je fully aware z everything ona kut plany. He suffices mat rad svedok mi ona.
He bol Forgiver Merciful.
[46:9] Say ja je inak z inaksie posol. Ja nie have idea co will happen mi ona. Ja len
nasledovat co revealed mna! Ja bol ziaden inak than profound warner.
[46:10] Say Co if it GOD ona je disbelieved v it Svedok z Dieta Izrael borne svedok a
podobne zjav he verit chvila ona turned arrogant! Iste GOD nie guide zlomyselny ludia.
[46:11] Those disbelieved said about those verit bol anything dobry they nie accepted it
before us they nie guided it they said This bol stara fabrication!
[46:12] Before this rezervovat si Moses zadovazit guidance zlutovanie. This i je
scripture confirms Arabic warn those transgressed dat dobry zvest the righteous!
[46:13] Iste those say Our Lord bol GOD potom lead righteous zivot have fear nor will
they rmutit sa!
[46:14] They zasluzit Raj kde they abide forever reward ich robota.
[46:15] My enjoined human bol honor jeho rodicia. Jeho matka bore him arduously dat
narodenie do him arduously pocas intimny care z him 30 mesiac! When he zastihnut
maturity zastihnut vek z 40 he say Moj Lord riadit mna appreciate blessings Ona
bestowed mi moj rodicia robit righteous robota prosim Ona! Let moj dieta bol righteous
i! Ja repented Ona; ja bol submitter.
[46:16] bol these my accept righteous robota overlook ich zhresit. They zasluzit Raj.
This bol truthful promise promised them.
[46:17] Potom there jeden je says do jeho rodicia Woe ona; ona telling mna smrt) ja pod
zivot? Ako pod those umrel before us never pod rodicia cry GOD’s pomoc say Woe do
ona; prosim verit! GOD’s promise bol truth. He say Tales minuly!
[46:18] Such jeden znamka disbelievers kazdy generation z jinns humans; they bol
[46:19] They all attain ranks they zasluzit v accordance s ich robota. He platit them ich
robota maly injustice.
[46:20] Dni pojdem when those disbelieved introduced hellfire Ona pusty dobry
chances dat ona tvoj worldly zivot ona rejoiced v them. Consequently dnes ona incur
shameful retribution mat rad requital arrogance ona committed zem any zaklad a tvoj zly
[46:21] Recall ze brat ‘Aad warned jeho ludia dunes! – numerous warnings i delivered
before him after him Ona nie kult GOD Ja fear for ona retribution velka dni.
[46:22] They said ona pojdem divert us our gods My challenge ona bring (retribution)
ona threaten ona bol truthful.
[46:23] He said znalost this je GOD ja len deliver ona co ja je sent do deliver Ja see ze
ona zaludnit bol ignorant.
[46:24] When they saw storm riaditel ich way they said This storm bring us vela needed
dazo Radsej this bol co ona challenged Hood bring violent zranit wherein there bol
painful retribution!
[46:25] It znicit everything mat rad commanded its Lord By rano nothing standing ich
domov. My thus requite guilty ludia.
[46:26] My zriadit them same way mat rad my zriadit ona zadovazit them hearing oci
zmyslanie. Ich hearing oci zmyslanie nie pomoc them o all This they decided disregard
GOD’s revelations. Thus prophecies warnings they ridiculed zapricinit ich doom
[46:27] My annihilated vela obec ona after my explained proofs they repent
[46:28] Why potom idols they set bring them koniec do GOD zlyhat pomoc them?
Radsej they zhyraly them. Such je false gods they idolized such je innovations they
[46:29] Recall lenze my rezirovat a zvazok z jinns ona v poradie let them hear Quran!
When they got there they said Listen it over they rushed ich ludia warning
[46:30] They said O our ludia my heard rezervovat si revealed Moses confirms previous
scriptures. It guides truth; do the ihned chodnicek.
[46:31] O our ludia respond vola sa GOD verit v Him! He potom forgive tvoj zhresit
rezervny ona painful retribution!
[46:32] Those zlyhat respond GOD’s vola sa nie escape nie have Lord Him; they ist
daleko astray!
[46:33] they nie realize lenze GOD created heavens zem maly effort je able do revive
dead ano indeed; He bol Omnipotent
[46:34] Dni disbelievers introduced Hellfire they ziadat Je this nie truth? They answer
Ano indeed our Lord He say Potom suffer retribution tvoj disbelief.
[46:35] Therefore bol chory posol ona possessed strength vyletne miesto patience. Nie
bol v a ponahlajte sa see retribution inevitably pojdem them. Dni they see it zdanlivy mat
rad they posledny 1 hodiny dni. This proclamation je it nie zlomyselny kto je consistently