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Dawn (Al-Fajr)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[89:1] By dawn
[89:2] 10 nights.
[89:3] By vecer the odd
[89:4] By night it ist okolo!
[89:5] profound oath 1 kto possesses inteligencia!
[89:6] Ona noted co tvoj Lord Have robit ‘Aad?
[89:7] Erum; town tall buildings.
[89:8] There bol nothing it niekam.
[89:9] I Thamoud carved rocks ich valley.
[89:10] Pharaoh possessed might
[89:11] They all transgressed zem.
[89:12] They spread zly throughout
[89:13] Consequently tvoj Lord poured them whipping retribution.
[89:14] Tvoj Lord bol vzdy watchful.
[89:15] When human bol tested jeho Lord blessings radost he says Moj Lord bol
generous towards mna!
[89:16] He tests him zlava provisions he says Moj Lord humiliating mna!
[89:17] zlo bol ona brought it yourselves nie zretel orphan
[89:18] A nie zastanca laska k bliznemu chudobny!
[89:19] consuming inheritance helpless orphans
[89:20] A laska peniaze i vela
[89:21] Indeed when zem crushed utterly crushed
[89:22] Tvoj Lord pojdem dohromady angels do rad after rad!
[89:23] Ze dni Gehenna brought forth Ze dni human bol zapamatat si – Lenze co
remembrance – it bol i neskoro.
[89:24] He say Oh Ja zelat si ja chystat moj (eternal) zivot.
[89:25] Ze dni ziaden retribution bol zly than Jeho retribution.
[89:26] Nie confinement bol mat rad effective mat rad Jeho confinement.
[89:27] Mat rad for ona O content soul.
[89:28] Spatny Listok do tvoj Lord prosim si jedalny listok prosim si jedalny listok
[89:29] vitajte into Moj servants.
[89:30] vitajte into Moj Raj.