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Statute Kniha (Al-Furqan)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[25:1] Zehnat je 1 revealed Statute Kniha Jeho servant he serve warner the whole world
[25:2] 1 do koho belongs all sovereignty z heavens zem! He never had syn nor robit He
have any partners sovereignty! He created everything exact measure He precisely
zamyslat everything.
[25:3] lenze they set beside Him gods nie create anything – they created – Kto nie
possess power vecer harm benefit nor robit they possess any power control zivot smrt
[25:4] Those disbelieved said This bol fabrication he produced pomoc some inaksie
zaludnit. They uttered blasphemy falsehood!
[25:5] They i said Tales z minuly he pisat they dictated him dni i night”.
[25:6] Say This revealed the Jeden zauzlit Secret heavens zem! He Forgiving Merciful.
[25:7] A they said “Ako pod this posol jestn food chodza markets If len angel pod him
serve him preacher!
[25:8] Al If len treasure dat him! Al len he possess orchard z kto he jestn! transgressors i
said Ona nasledovat bewitched clovek!
[25:9] Note ako they vola sa ona all laskavy z vola sa a ako this led them astray never
zalozit ich way zadny
[25:10] Zehnat je 1 viem He wills dat ona vela lepsie than ich ziadat! – Zahrada flowing
streams vela rezidencia.
[25:11] Skutocne they disbelieved Hodiny (Dni Vzkriesenie) my chystat those
disbelieve Hodiny flaming Hell.
[25:12] When it sees them z afar they hear its zurivost fuming
[25:13] A when they thrown it narrow miesto all puta they declare ich remorse.
[25:14] Ona nie declare iba single remorse ze dni; ona suffer velka zvazok remorses.
[25:15] Say Je this lepsie eternal Raj ze promised for the righteous? It bol ich lepsi
zasluzit si reward lepsi zasluzit si destiny.
[25:16] They get anything they zelat therein forever This bol tvoj Lord’s irrevocable
[25:17] Dni when He zvolat them dohromady idols they set GOD He had say robit ona
zmylit these servants z Bana Have they ist astray on ich own
[25:18] They say Ona glorified nie bol riadne us set any lords Ona. Ona allowed them
enjoy dohromady ich rodicia! Consequently they disregarded odkaz thus became
zlomyselny ludia.
[25:19] They disbelieved odkaz ona dat them consequently ona viem neither chranit
them z retribution they incurred nor mozem ona pomoc them v any way Ktokolvek
among ona commits zly my commit him severe retribution.
[25:20] My nie send any posol ona nie jestn food chodza markets My thus test ona by
each inak; ona steadfastly persevere Tvoj Lord bol Seer.
[25:21] Those nie expect schodza us said len angels pod us my see our Lord (my potom
verit!) Indeed they committed gross arrogance produced gross blasphemy!
[25:22] Dni they see angels nie bol dobry zvest guilty they say Teraz my irreversibly
[25:23] My look o all robota they robi render them null i void
[25:24] dwellers Raj bol daleko lepsie dni; they hear lepsie zvest.
[25:25] heaven zlomit apart masses z clouds angels zostupit multitudes!
[25:26] All sovereignty ze dni belongs do the Vela Gracious. For disbelievers it bol
difficult dni.
[25:27] Dni pojdem when transgressor kusok jeho hands v anguish say Alas Ja zelat si
ja nasledovat chodnicek posol!
[25:28] Alas woe mna Ja zelat si ja nie berie ze clovek znamy.
[25:29] He led mna away z odkaz it pojdem mna! Indeed devil lets jeho human victims.
[25:30] Posol said Moj Lord moj ludia zbehnut this Quran.
[25:31] My i set against kazdy prophet enemies z guilty Tvoj Lord suffices guide
[25:32] Those disbelieved said nie robit Quran pojdem him all o once My released it
ona gradually v poradie fix it tvoj memory! My recited it specific sequence
[25:33] Whatever argument they pod my zadovazit ona truth dobry chapat
[25:34] Those kto forcibly zvolat do Hell som zly position they bol daleko na pravo
[25:35] My dat Moses scripture appointed jeho brat Aaron bol jeho assistant
[25:36] My said Ist both z ona do ludia zamietnut our revelations subsequently my
utterly annihilated rejectors!
[25:37] Similarly when ludia Noah disbelieved posol my drowned them my set them
mat rad znamenie ludia! My chystat transgressors painful retribution.
[25:38] I ‘Aad Thamoud inhabitants Al-Russ vela generations them.
[25:39] Do each z these zoskupit my delivered sufficient vzor before my annihilated
[25:40] They ist okolo obec je lejak s chudobny lejak (Sodom). they nie see it fact bol
they never verit v vzkriesenie.
[25:41] When they saw ona they vzdy ridiculed ona this 1 zvolit si GOD Je bol posol?
[25:42] He skoro diverted us our gods nie bol my steadfastly persevered them. They will
istota zalozit out, when they see retribution je real strayers z chodnicek.
[25:43] Ona seen jeden god Have bol jeho own ego? Ona bol jeho zastanca?
[25:44] Ona myslienka ze vela robit them hear chapat They bol iba zviera; ziaden they
bol daleko zly
[25:45] Ona nie seen ako tvoj Lord zamyslat shadow He willed He robit it fixed potom
my zamyslat sun accordingly.
[25:46] My zamyslat it move slowly!
[25:47] He je Jeden zamyslat night bol zakryt a ona do spat zvysok. He robit dni
[25:48] He bol 1 kto sends zranit dobry omens Jeho zlutovanie my send nadol sky pure
[25:49] S it my revive dead zem zadovazit pne our creations! – multitudes z zviera
[25:50] My distributed it them exact measure ze they berie heed Lenze vela ludia insist
upon disbelieving
[25:51] My willed my have sent do kazdy obec warner.
[25:52] Therefore nie obey disbelievers strive them this velka striving
[25:53] He je Jeden merges 2 seas; 1 je fresh chutny chvila inaksie bol salty
undrinkable. A He separated them formidable inviolable barrier (evaporation).
[25:54] He je Jeden created z zavlazit human bol potom robit him reproduce manzelstvo
mating Tvoj Lord bol Omnipotent
[25:55] they still set GOD idols nie benefit them nor harm them! Indeed disbeliever bol
enemy jeho Lord
[25:56] My sent ona (Rashad) zachranca z dobry zvest i mat rad warner.
[25:57] Say ja nie ziadat ona any peniaze. All ja seek je pomoc ona zalozit na pravo
chodnicek do tvoj Lord this bol co ona zvolit si!
[25:58] Ona put tvoj trust Jeden bol Alive – Jeden kto never umrel – Chvalit Him glorify
Him! He bol fully Cognizant z Jeho creatures’ zhresit.
[25:59] He je Jeden created heavens zem everything them 6 dni potom assumed all
authority The Vela Gracious; ziadat about Him those lepsi founded znalost!
[25:60] When they told Jesen prostrate before the Vela Gracious they say Co bol the
Vela Gracious? Shall my prostrate co ona zastanca? Thus it len zvacsit ich aversion.
[25:61] Zehnat je Jeden miesto constellations v the sky miesto it lampa ziara moon
[25:62] He je Jeden zamyslat night dni alternate sufficient proof those zelat berie heed
bol appreciative
[25:63] worshipers the Vela Gracious som those tread zem gently when ignorant speak
do them they len utter peace!
[25:64] Do privacy night they meditate ich Lord jesen prostrate
[25:65] they say Our Lord rezervny us agony Hell; its retribution bol horrendous!
[25:66] It je chory abode; zly destiny.
[25:67] When they dat they bol neither extravagant nor lakomstvo; they dat moderation
[25:68] They never implore GOD any inaksie god nor robit they kill ktokolvek – for
GOD robit zivot sacred! – except v the course z justice Nor robit they commit adultery.
Those commit these offenses zaplatit.
[25:69] Retribution zdvojnasobit them Dni Vzkriesenie they abide therein humiliated
[25:70] Exempted som those repent verit lead righteous zivot! GOD transforms ICH
ZHRESIT credits GOD bol Forgiver Merciful.
[25:71] Those repent lead righteous zivot GOD redeems them; complete redemption!
[25:72] They nie bear false svedok. When they encounter vain talk they ignorovat it
[25:73] When reminded z ich Lord’s revelations they never react them mat rad they bol
deaf blind
[25:74] they say Our Lord let our spouses dieta bol zdroj radost us keep us forefront z
the righteous!
[25:75] These je jeden attain Raj chrbat ich steadfastness; they received therein radostny
pozdravy peace.
[25:76] Eternally they abide therein; co dobry destiny; co dobry abode.
[25:77] Say Ona attain value moj Lord len through tvoj kult! Ona disbelieve ona incur
inevitable consequences.