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Overwhelming (Al-Ghaasheyah)!
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[88:1] Je ona aware z the Overwhelming
[88:2] Faces ze dni shamed
[88:3] Robota a exhausted
[88:4] Suffering blazing Hellfire.
[88:5] pne z flaming jaro.
[88:6] They nie have food zbytocny variety.
[88:7] It never nourishes nor satisfies hunger
[88:8] Inak faces dni will bol full z radost!
[88:9] Satisfied ich robota!
[88:10] Do exalted Raj.
[88:11] Do it ziaden nonsense heard
[88:12] Do it jaro flows
[88:13] Do it there bol luxurious zariadenie.
[88:14] Pne robit available!
[88:15] pitchers v rad!
[88:16] A carpets throughout
[88:17] Why they nie zrkadlit camels a ako they created
[88:18] A sky a ako it chov.
[88:19] A mountains a ako they zostrojit.
[88:20] A zem a ako it built
[88:21] Ona remind tvoj mission je deliver this reminder!
[88:22] Ona have power them.
[88:23] Mat rad for those turn disbelieve!
[88:24] GOD will commit them VELKA retribution.
[88:25] Do us bol ich ultimate destiny.
[88:26] Potom my vola sa them zisk