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Pilgrimige (Al-Hajj)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[22:1] O zaludnit ona reverence ona Lord quaking z Hodiny bol nieco horrendous!
[22:2] Dni ona svedok it vecer nursing matka will discard ju infant pregnant zensky
abort ju fetus. Ona see ludia staggering mat rad they intoxicated vecer they nie
intoxicated This je GOD’s retribution bol so awesome.
[22:3] Among the ludia, there bol those argue GOD znalost nasledovat kazdy rebellious
[22:4] It decreed ktokolvek allies him he zmylit him guide him agony Hell!
[22:5] O zaludnit if ona have any doubt vzkriesenie zapamatat si ze) my created ona
dust subsequently tiny kvapka turns into hanging (zarodok) potom it becomes fetus dat
zivot deemed lifeless! My thus clarify things ona. My zaplatit wombs whatever my will
for predetermined period! My potom bring ona out infants potom ona zastihnut maturity.
chvila some z ona umrel young others zit do zly vek len do zalozit out ze nie znalost
attained certain limit I ona look zem je dead potom mat rad skoro mat rad my lejak it
zavlazit it vibrates zivot grows all laskavy z dobry zasadit.
[22:6] This proves lenze GOD bol Truth ze He revives dead ze He bol Omnipotent
[22:7] A ze Hodiny pojdem ziaden doubt it a lenze GOD resurrects those bol graves
[22:8] Among the ludia there bol jeden kto argues GOD znalost guidance enlightening
[22:9] Arrogantly he strives divert ludia chodnicek GOD He thus incurs humiliation v
this zivot my commit him Dni Vzkriesenie agony z burning
[22:10] This bol co tvoj hands sent ahead ona. GOD bol never unjust towards LUDIA.
[22:11] Among the ludia there bol jeden kult GOD conditionally. things ist jeho way he
je content some adversity befalls him he robit about-face Thus he loses both this zivot
Hereafter Such bol real loss
[22:12] He idolizes GOD co nie possesses power harm him benefit him; such bol real
[22:13] He idolizes co bol inak apt harm him than benefit him! Co chudobny lord Co
chudobny companion!
[22:14] GOD admits those verit lead righteous ZIVOT into ZAHRADA flowing streams
Everything bol v accordance s GOD’s will
[22:15] Ktokolvek myslienka lenze GOD nie support him v this zivot Hereafter let him
turn completely (jeho creator heaven sever (jeho zavislost on ktokolvek inak)! He potom
see this plan eliminates anything ze bothers him.
[22:16] My thus revealed zretelny revelations tu potom GOD guides whoever wills
[22:17] Those verit those bol Zidovsky converts Christians Zoroastrians idol worshipers
GOD bol Jeden judge them Dni Vzkriesenie. GOD SVEDOK all things.
[22:18] Ona nie realize lenze GOD prostrates everyone heavens zem sun moon stars
mountains strom zviera vela ludia? Vela others among the ludia committed doom
Whomever GOD shames ziaden honor him. Everything bol v accordance s GOD’s will
[22:19] Tu bol 2 parties feuding zretel ich Lord Mat rad for those disbelieve they have
clothes z zapalit tailored for them! Hellish kvapalina will poured ich riaditel!
[22:20] It zapricinit ich insides melt i mat rad ich skins
[22:21] They confined zelezo pots
[22:22] Whenever they try vychod such misery they forced zadny v Chut agony z
[22:23] GOD will admit those verit lead righteous ZIVOT into ZAHRADA flowing
streams They zdobit therein zatvorka zlaty pearls ich garments therein je silk
[22:24] They guided dobry words they guided chodnicek z the Vela Chvalit.
[22:25] Iste those disbelieve repulse others chodnicek GOD z Sacred Masjid my
designated all ludia! – bol they rodny visitors! – seek zhanobit it zhnity it my afflict them
painful retribution!
[22:26] My appointed Abraham zriadit Shrine Ona nie idolize any inaksie god Mi purify
Moj shrine those visit it those zivy it those bow prostrate
[22:27] A proclaim ludia observe Hajj pilgrimage They pojdem ona chodza riding
various exhausted (znamenat transportation)! They pojdem daleko locations.
[22:28] They seek commercial benefits they commemorate GOD’s vola sa specified dni
for zadovazit them zivy inventar! Jestn therefrom zivit despondent chudobny
[22:29] They complete ich zavaznost fulfill ich vows visit ancient shrine
[22:30] Those reverence rites decreed GOD zasluzit dobry reward ich Lord All zivy
inventar robit lawful tvoj food except for those specifically zakazat ona. Ona avoid
abomination idol kult avoid bearing false svedok!
[22:31] Ona maintain tvoj devotion absolutely GOD alone Ktokolvek sets any idol
GOD bol jeden fell sky potom gets chmatnut vultures blown zranit deep ravine.
[22:32] Indeed those reverence rites decreed GOD demonstrate righteousness ich srdce.
[22:33] (Zivy) (Inventar) zadovazit ona vela benefits for a period, before donated
ancient shrine
[22:34] each congregation my decreed rites whereby they commemorate vola sa GOD
for zadovazit them zivy inventar! Tvoj god bol 1 i the same god ona shall all submit Him.
Dat dobry zvest do the obedient!
[22:35] They bol jeden srdce chviet sa upon zmierit sa GOD they steadfastly persevere
adversity they observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat) z our provisions do them they dat laska k
[22:36] Zivocisny offerings bol rites decreed GOD tvoj own dobre Ona zmierit sa
GOD’s vola sa them chvila they standing v riadok. Once they offered sacrifice ona jestn
therefrom zivit chudobny chudobny! This why my subdued them ona ze ona show tvoj
[22:37] Neither ich meat nor ich blood zastihnut GOD Co zastihnut Him bol tvoj
righteousness. He subdued them ona ona show ona appreciation glorifying GOD for
guiding ona. Dat dobry zvest do the charitable!
[22:38] GOD CHRANIT those VERIT. GOD NIE LASKA any betrayer unappreciative.
[22:39] Permission granted those som persecuted since injustice befallen them GOD bol
istota able do support them!
[22:40] They evicted ich domov unjustly for ziaden reason inak than saying Our Lord
bol GOD it nie bol GOD’s supporting z some ludia others monasteries cirkev synagogues
masjids! – Kde vola sa GOD commemorated frequently – Znicit! Absolutely GOD
supports those support Him. GOD bol MOCNY Almighty
[22:41] They bol those my appointed them rulers zem they zriadit Zmluva Prayers
(Salat) zavazny laska k bliznemu (Zakat) zastanca righteousness zakazat zly! GOD bol
ultimate ruler
[22:42] If they zamietnut ona ludia Noah ‘Aad Thamoud i disbelieved them.
[22:43] I ludia Abraham ludia Lot.
[22:44] dwellers Midyan. Moses i zamietnut. Ja led all those ludia potom ja vola sa
them zisk ako devastating bol Moj requital!
[22:45] Vela obec my annihilated ich wickedness. They zakoncenie zrucaniny stilled
wells velka empty rezidencia!
[22:46] they nie roam zem potom pouzivat ich zmyslanie robit chapat pouzivat ich ears
hear Indeed real blindness nie bol blindness oci blindness srdce chests.
[22:47] They challenge ona bring retribution GOD never zlyhat fulfill Jeho prophecy!
Dni tvoj Lord bol 1000 z tvoj rocnik.
[22:48] Vela obec v the minuly committed zly ja led them on awhile potom ja punished
them. Do Mna bol ultimate destiny.
[22:49] Say O ludia ja je sent do ona mat rad profound warner!
[22:50] Those verit lead righteous zivot zasluzit forgiveness generous recompense
[22:51] Mat rad for those strive challenge our revelations they incur Hell!
[22:52] My nie send ona any posol nor prophet having devil zamiesat sa jeho zelat.
GOD POTOM nullifies CO devil ROBIT. GOD ZDOKONALIT JEHO revelations. GOD
bol Omniscient Wise.
[22:53] He thus sets devil’s kut plany test those harbor doubts ich srdce those srdce
hardened Zlomyselny musiet zostat opposition
[22:54] Those zehnat znalost recognize truth tvoj Lord potom verit v it ich srdce readily
accept it vela assuredly GOD guides believers na pravo chodnicek.
[22:55] Mat rad for those disbelieve they zotrvat harbor doubts Hodiny pojdem them
zrazu retribution hrozny dni pojdem them.
[22:56] All sovereignty ze dni belongs do GOD He judge them. Mat rad for those verit
lead righteous zivot they zasluzit zahrada bliss!
[22:57] Chvila those disbelieved zamietnut our revelations incurred shameful
[22:58] Those emigrate GOD potom get killed umrel GOD will iste lejak them dobry
provisions GOD bol ISTOTA LEPSIE Provider.
[22:59] vela assuredly He admit them admittance prosim them. GOD bol Omniscient
[22:60] It decreed 1 avenges injustice inflicted him equitably potom he persecuted this
GOD will iste support him! GOD bol Pardoner Forgiving
[22:61] bol fact GOD merges night dni merges dni night a lenze GOD bol Hearer Seer.
[22:62] bol fact GOD bol Truth chvila setting any idols Him constitutes falsehood a
lenze GOD bol the Vela High Zvrchovany!
[22:63] Ona nie see GOD sends sky zavlazit robit ze turns zem zeleny? GOD JE
Sublime Cognizant
[22:64] Do Him belongs everything heavens everything on zem! Absolutely GOD bol
the Vela Zirny Zasluzny.
[22:65] Ona nie see GOD committed do robit tvoj servis everything zem? ships run
ocean Jeho command He zamedzit heavenly zbor rachot zem v accordance s Jeho
command GOD bol LASKAVY towards LUDIA Merciful.
[22:66] He bol 1 kto granted ona zivot potom He puts ona smrt potom He brings ona
chrbat zivot! Iste human bol bol unappreciative.
[22:67] For each congregation my decreed set rites they uphold. Therefore they nie
dispute ona. Ona zotrvat invite everyone tvoj Lord vela assuredly ona bol na pravo
[22:68] they argue ona potom say GOD je fully aware z everything ona robit.
[22:69] GOD will judge among ONA DNI VZKRIESENIE all TVOJ disputes
[22:70] Ona nie realize ze GOD zauzlit everything do heavens everything on zem? All
this zapisnica rekord. This bol easy GOD robit.
[22:71] they idolize GOD idols wherein He nie miesto power they zauzlit nothing them!
transgressors nie have helper.
[22:72] When our revelations recited them clearly ona recognize wickedness faces z
those disbelieve. They skoro zachvatit those recite our revelations them. Say ja
informovat ona z nieco vela zly Hell promised GOD those disbelieve; co chudobny
[22:73] O zaludnit tu je parable ze ona ponder carefully idols ona set GOD never create
letiet vecer they banded dohromady robi so Furthermore if letiet steals anything z them
they nie recover it chaby bol pursuer the pursued
[22:74] They nie value GOD mat rad He valued GOD bol the Vela MOCNY Almighty
[22:75] GOD ZVOLIT SI Z angels POSOL I MAT RAD Z LUDIA. GOD bol Hearer
[22:76] He zauzlit ich minuly ich buduci. Do GOD belongs ultimate control all
[22:77] O ona verit ona bow prostrate kult tvoj Lord zavodny righteousness ze ona
[22:78] Ona strive zapricinit GOD ona strive Jeho zapricinit. He zvolit si ona nie miesto
hardship ona practicing tvoj nabozenstvo! – Nabozenstvo z tvoj otca Abraham. He bol 1
kto vola sa ona Submitters originally! Thus posol serve svedok ona ona serve svedok
among the ludia. Therefore ona observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat) dat zavazny laska k
bliznemu (Zakat) hold chytro GOD He bol tvoj Lord lepsie Lord lepsie Supporter.