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Incontestable (Al-Haaqqah)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[69:1] incontestable (event).
[69:2] Co incontestable (event)!
[69:3] It bol truly incontestable.
[69:4] Thamoud ‘Aad disbelieved Shocker.
[69:5] Mat rad for Thamoud they annihilated devastating quake
[69:6] Mat rad for ‘Aad they annihilated persistent violent storm
[69:7] He unleashed it them 7 nights 8 dni violently Ona see ludia zmietat sa around mat
rad decayed palm kufor!
[69:8] Ona zalozit any trace z them?
[69:9] Pharaoh others him sinners Sodom) bol zlomyselny.
[69:10] They disobeyed posol ich Lord Consequently He requited them devastating
[69:11] Zaplava devastating my beriem ona floating (ark).
[69:12] My rendered it lekcia ona any listening ear chapat.
[69:13] When roh blown once
[69:14] Zem mountains beriem off crushed utterly crushed
[69:15] Je dni when inevitable event pojdem ist okolo!
[69:16] heaven lamat jesen apart.
[69:17] angels je Tvoj Lord’s dominion potom encompass 8 (universes)!
[69:18] Ze dni ona exposed nothing z ona zatajit.
[69:19] Mat rad for 1 kto receives jeho zapisnica jeho na pravo hand he say Pojdem read
moj rekord!
[69:20] Ja robit verit ja held accountable.
[69:21] He zasluzit happy zivot.
[69:22] Do exalted Raj.
[69:23] Its ovocie bol znutra zastihnut!
[69:24] Jestn pne happily chrbat tvoj robota dni minuly!
[69:25] Mat rad for him dat jeho zapisnica jeho vlavo hand he say Oh Ja zelat si ja never
received moj rekord!
[69:26] Ja zelat si ja never zauzlit moj zisk.
[69:27] Ja zelat si moj smrt bol eternal.
[69:28] Moj peniaze nie pomoc mna.
[69:29] All moj power bol ist
[69:30] berie him puta him!
[69:31] Burn him do Hell.
[69:32] Do retaz je 70 zbran long puto him!
[69:33] For he nie verit v GOD Velky
[69:34] Nor robit he zastanca zivit z chudobny
[69:35] Consequently he nie has znamy tu.
[69:36] Nor any food except bitter variety.
[69:37] Food for sinners.
[69:38] Ja swear co ona see
[69:39] A co ona nie see
[69:40] This bol utterance honorable posol.
[69:41] Nie utterance poet; zriedka robit ona verit.
[69:42] Nor utterance soothsayer; zriedka robit ona berie heed
[69:43] revelation z Lord universe.
[69:44] Had he uttered any inaksie teachings.
[69:45] My punished him.
[69:46] My zastavit revelations him.
[69:47] Ziaden z ona pomoc him.
[69:48] This bol reminder for the righteous.
[69:49] My zauzlit; some z ona bol rejectors.
[69:50] It bol zalost disbelievers.
[69:51] It bol absolute truth.
[69:52] Therefore ona glorify vola sa tvoj Lord Velky