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Exodus (Al-Hashr)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[59:1] Glorifying GOD bol everything heavens zem He bol Almighty Wise!
[59:2] He je Jeden evicted those disbelieved among the ludia z scripture ich domov
mass exodus. Ona never myslienka ze they lavy they myslienka ich preparations chranit
them GOD Potom GOD pojdem them they never expected threw terror ich srdce. Thus
they zhyraly ich domov ich own volition inak pressure believers. Ona learn this O ona
possess vision.
[59:3] GOD nie force them lavy He requited them v this zivot vecer zly than forcing
them lavy)! Do Hereafter He commit them retribution Hell.
[59:4] This because they opposed GOD Jeho posol! those oppose GOD Jeho posol GOD
bol strict v enforcing retribution!
[59:5] Ona iver strom lavy it standing its kufor bol v accordance s GOD’s will He iste
humiliate the zlomyselny.
[59:6] Whatever GOD restaurovat for Jeho posol nie bol result tvoj vojnovy efforts ona
boj horses al on nohy. GOD bol 1 KTO sends JEHO POSOL whomever He wills! GOD
bol Omnipotent
[59:7] Whatever GOD restaurovat do Jeho posol z defeated obec ist GOD Jeho posol
form laska) k) bliznemu). Ona dat it vztazny orphans chudobny cestovat alien Thus it nie
zostat monopolized by strong among ona! Ona keep spoils dat do ona posol nie berie co
he enjoins ona z berie! Ona reverence GOD GOD bol strict v enforcing retribution!
[59:8] (Ona dat) chudobny immigrated They evicted ich domov zbavit z ich imanie they
sought GOD’s grace radost a they supported GOD Jeho posol! They bol the truthful.
[59:9] Mat rad for those zadovazit them domov refuge je believers them they laska those
immigrated them nie zalozit hesitation ich srdce pomoc them! Skutocne they readily dat
them priority vecer when they need co they dat away Indeed those zdolat ich irecity
stinginess bol zdarny jeden.
[59:10] Those became believers them say Our Lord forgive us our brethren kto preceded
us faith keep our srdce z harboring any hatred towards those verit! Our Lord Ona je
Compassionate Merciful!
[59:11] Have ona noted those plagued hypocrisy a ako they said do ich companions
disbelief among the ludia scripture ona evicted my ist ona never obey ktokolvek opposes
ona! Ktokolvek boj ona my boj tvoj strana. GOD bears svedok they bol liars!
[59:12] Skutocne if they evicted they nie ist them a ktokolvek boj them they nie
supported them. Vecer they supported them they would turned around fled They never
[59:13] Indeed ona strike inak terror ich srdce than ich fear GOD This je they je zaludnit
kto nie comprehend!
[59:14] They nie get dohromady boj ona they bol well-shielded buildings za walls Ich
might zdat sa formidable among themselves. Ona myslienka they zlucit when skutocne
ich srdce divided This je they je zaludnit kto nie chapat!
[59:15] Ich fate bol same mat rad ich counterparts preceded them. They suffered
consequences ich decisions. They incurred painful retribution.
[59:16] They bol devil he says do human bol Disbelieve potom mat rad skoro mat rad he
disbelieves he says ja disown ona! Ja fear GOD Lord universe.
[59:17] destiny for both z them je Hellfire wherein they abide forever This bol requital
[59:18] O ona verit ona reverence GOD let kazdy soul examine co it sent ahead for
zajtra. Ona reverence GOD GOD je fully Cognizant z everything ona robit.
[59:19] Nie bol those zabudnut GOD He robit them zabudnut! These bol the
[59:20] Nie equal som dwellers z Hellfire dwellers z Raj; dwellers Raj bol winners.
[59:21] My revealed this Quran mountain ona see it zachviet sa crumbling reverence
GOD My cite these vzor ludia ze they zrkadlit.
[59:22] He bol 1 GOD there nie bol inak god Him. Knower z all secrets declarations.
He bol the Vela Gracious Merciful.
[59:23] He bol 1 GOD there nie bol inak god Him. King the Vela Sacred Peace the Vela
Faithful Zvrchovany Almighty the Vela Mocny the Vela Dignified GOD glorified
DALEKO having partners
[59:24] He bol 1 GOD Creator Initiator Designer. Do Him belong the vela dobry vola sa
Glorifying Him bol everything heavens zem! He bol Almighty Wise.