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Kneeling (Al-Jatheyah)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[45:1] H. M.
[45:2] revelation this scripture bol GOD Almighty Wise.
[45:3] heavens zem bol full z proofs believers.
[45:4] I do tvoj creation creation all zviera there bol proofs ludia bol certain.
[45:5] I alternation z night dni provisions lenze GOD sends nadol sky revive dead zem
manipulation zranit all these som proofs ludia chapat!
[45:6] These som GOD’s revelations my recite ona truthfully. Do kto Hadith GOD Jeho
revelations they verit?
[45:7] Woe do kazdy fabricator guilty
[45:8] 1 hears GOD’s revelations recited him potom insists arrogantly on jeho way mat
rad he never heard them! Promise him painful retribution.
[45:9] When he learns anything our revelations he mocks them. These incurred
shameful retribution.
[45:10] Awaiting them bol Gehenna. Ich earnings nie pomoc them nor idols they set
GOD They incurred hrozny retribution.
[45:11] This bol beacon those disbelieve these revelations ich Lord incurred
condemnation painful retribution!
[45:12] GOD bol JEDEN committed sea TVOJ SERVIS so ze ships roam it v
accordance s JEHO ZAKON. Ona thus seek Jeho provisions lenze ona bol appreciative
[45:13] He committed do tvoj servis everything heavens zem; all z Him! These som
proofs ludia zrkadlit.
[45:14] Tell those verit forgive those nie expect dni GOD He fully platit everyone
whatever they zarabat.
[45:15] Whoever zavodny righteousness robi for jeho own dobry whoever zavodny zly
robi so jeho own detriment! Do tvoj Lord ona spatny listok!
[45:16] My dat Dieta z Izrael scripture wisdom prophethood zadovazit them dobry
provisions my bestowed them inak blessings than any inaksie zaludnit!
[45:17] My dat them tu zretelny commandments. Ironically they nie dispute this znalost
pojdem them. This bol ziarlivsot ich part Iste tvoj Lord judge them Dni Vzkriesenie
everything they disputed
[45:18] My potom appointed ona zriadit toje spravne zakon; ona nasledovat this nie
nasledovat zelat z those nie zauzlit!
[45:19] They nie pomoc ona o all GOD bol transgressors ally 1 iny chvila GOD bol
Lord z the righteous.
[45:20] This zadovazit enlightenments ludia guidance zlutovanie those bol certain.
[45:21] those zavodny zly expect my treat them same chovanie mat rad those verit lead
righteous zivot? Viem ich zivot ich smrt bol the same zlo indeed bol ich judgment
[45:22] GOD created heavens ZEM specific UCEL v poradie platit each soul whatever
it ZARABAT MALY injustice!
[45:23] Ona noted jeden god Have bol jeho ego? Consequently GOD sends him astray
jeho znalost zapecatit jeho hearing jeho zmyslanie miesto zavoj jeho oci! Kto potom
guide him such decision GOD Ona nie berie heed
[45:24] They said My len zit this zivot; my zit umrel len cas zapricinit our smrt! They
nie have istota znalost this; they len conjecture
[45:25] When our revelations recited them clearly ich iba argument bol say Bring chrbat
our forefathers ona bol truthful!
[45:26] Say GOD granted ona zivot potom He puts ona smrt potom He zvolat ona Dni
Vzkriesenie bol inevitable. Vela zaludnit nie zauzlit!
[45:27] Do GOD belongs all sovereignty z heavens zem! Dni Hodiny Judgment pojdem
ist okolo ze bol when falsifiers lose
[45:28] Ona see kazdy obec kneeling Kazdy obec bol vola sa vyhlad ich zapisnica! Dnes
ona get platit for everything ona robit!
[45:29] This bol our zapisnica; it utters truth ona! My zapisnica everything ona robit.
[45:30] Mat rad for those verit zavodny righteousness ich Lord admit them Jeho
zlutovanie! This bol velka triumph
[45:31] Mat rad for those disbelieve Moj revelations Je recited ona ona turned arrogant
bol zlomyselny ludia?
[45:32] When it proclaimed GOD’s promise bol truth ze Hodiny Judgment inevitable
ona said My nie zauzlit co Hodiny bol My bol full z conjecture it my nie bol certain.
[45:33] Zlo ich robota become zrejmy do them vela things they mocked pod haunt
[45:34] It proclaimed Dnes my zabudnut ona iba mat rad ona zabudnut schodza this dni.
Tvoj abode bol hellfire ona nie have helpers!
[45:35] This je ona pocas GOD’s revelations v vain preoccupied 1 zivot. Consequently
they never vychod therefrom nor will they excused
[45:36] Do GOD belongs all chvalit; Lord heavens Lord zem Lord universe!
[45:37] Do Him belongs all supremacy heavens zem! He bol Almighty Wise.