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Jinns (Al-Jinn)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[72:1] Say ja inspirovat ze zoskupit jinns listened potom said ‘My heard nadherny
[72:2] It guides righteousness my have verit v it my never set any idols our Lord
[72:3] ‘”The Vela High bol our iba Lord He never had mate nor syn.
[72:4] It bol foolish among us pouzivat utter such nonsense GOD
[72:5] ‘My myslienka ze neither humans nor jinns possibly utter laicky GOD
[72:6] Human beings pouzivat seek power jinn beings they len afflicted them a lot z
[72:7] ‘They myslienka iba mat rad ona myslienka GOD nie send iny (posol).
[72:8] ‘My touched heaven zalozit it filled formidable guards projectiles.
[72:9] ‘My pouzivat zasadat there v poradie spy Ktokolvek listens pursued mocny
[72:10] ‘My nie have idea nieco zly zamyslat inhabitants Zem al if ich Lord wills
redeem them.
[72:11] Some z us bol righteous some bol menej than righteous; my nasledovat various
[72:12] ‘My zauzlit full lepsie my never run GOD Zem; my never run escape
[72:13] When my heard guidance my verit therein. Ktokolvek verit v jeho Lord never
fear any injustice nor any affliction.
[72:14] ‘Among us bol submitters us bol compromisers. ‘ Mat rad for those submitted
they bol na pravo chodnicek.
[72:15] Mat rad for compromisers they je kurivo Gehenna.
[72:16] they zostat riadne chodnicek my zehnat them abundant zavlazit.
[72:17] My iste test them all Mat rad for him disregards odkaz jeho Lord He rezirovat
him vzdy zvacsit retribution!
[72:18] Miesto kult belong do GOD nie vola sa on ktokolvek inak GOD
[72:19] When GOD’s servant zastanca Him alone skoro all z them banded dohromady
oppose him!
[72:20] Say ja kult len moj Lord ja never set any idols Him.
[72:21] Say ja nie possess power harm ona nor guide ona!
[72:22] Say Ziaden 1 chranit mna GOD nor mozem ja zalozit any inaksie refuge Him.
[72:23] Ja deliver GOD’s proclamations odkaz Those disobey GOD Jeho posol incur
zapalit Hell wherein they abide forever
[72:24] Once they see co awaiting them they robit zalozit out kto je skutocne chaby v
power fewer v zvazok
[72:25] Say ja nie zauzlit co promised ona happen skoro al moj Lord zdrzat it for
[72:26] He bol Knower buduci; He nie reveal buduci ktokolvek.
[72:27] Len do posol He zvolit si robit He reveal minuly buduci specific zvest
[72:28] This bol zistit lenze they delivered ich Lord’s odkaz. He je fully aware z co they
have He pocitat zvazok all things.