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Heights (Al-Ma’aarej)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[70:1] questioner question inevitable retribution.
[70:2] For disbelievers ziaden zastavit it
[70:3] Z GOD Possessor highest Height
[70:4] angels ich zvest climb do Him do dni equals 50000 rocnik.
[70:5] Therefore ona vyletne miesto gracious patience.
[70:6] For they see it daleko away
[70:7] chvila my see it vela koniec!
[70:8] Dni pojdem when sky bol molten rocks
[70:9] mountains bol fluffy wool.
[70:10] Ziaden znamy care jeho koniec znamy.
[70:11] When they see them guilty will zelat he dat jeho own dieta mat rad ransom
rezervny him retribution ze dni!
[70:12] I jeho spouse jeho brat.
[70:13] Vecer jeho whole tribe chov him!
[70:14] Vecer all ludia zem if it save him!
[70:15] Ziaden; it bol aflame.
[70:16] Eager burn
[70:17] It vola sa on those turned
[70:18] Those hoarded pocitat!
[70:19] Indeed human bol bol anxious.
[70:20] If touched adversity despondent
[70:21] If zehnat wealth lakomstvo
[70:22] Except for worshipers.
[70:23] Kto vzdy observe ich zmluva prayers (Salat)!
[70:24] Part ich peniaze je set aside
[70:25] For chudobny chudobny.
[70:26] They verit v Dni Judgment
[70:27] They reverence ich Lord’s requital.
[70:28] Ich Lord’s requital nie berie for granted
[70:29] They keep ich chastity.
[70:30] (They have vztah) len ich spouses co bol legally ich -!
[70:31] Ktokolvek transgresses these limits bol sinner.
[70:32] believers keep ich word they bol trustworthy.
[70:33] ICH testimony bol truthful.
[70:34] They consistently observe ich zmluva prayers (Salat) on cas!
[70:35] They zasluzit position honor Raj.
[70:36] Co keeping those je disbelieved joining ona?
[70:37] Do the ihned do vlavo they flee!
[70:38] Ako mozem any z them expect zapisat blissful Raj?
[70:39] Never; my created them they zauzlit z co
[70:40] Ja solemnly swear Lord z easts zapad; my bol able –
[70:41] Do zastupid lepsie ludia tvoj miesto; my never defeated
[70:42] Therefore let them omyl hraju they schodza dni awaiting them!
[70:43] Ze je dni they pojdem graves v a ponahlajte sa mat rad if herded (sacrificial)
[70:44] S ich oci subdued shame pokryvka them. Ze je dni awaiting them.