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believers (Al-Mu’minun)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[23:1] Zdarny indeed bol believers;
[23:2] Kto bol reverent during ich Zmluva Prayers (Salat)!
[23:3] they avoid vain talk
[23:4] they dat ich zavazny laska k bliznemu (Zakat).
[23:5] they maintain ich chastity.
[23:6] Len s ich spouses those je rightfully ich robi they have sexual vztah; they nie bol
[23:7] Those transgress these limits bol transgressors.
[23:8] When it pojdem zaloha entrusted do them i mat rad any dohoda they robit they je
[23:9] they observe ich Zmluva Prayers (Salat) regularly!
[23:10] Such bol inheritors.
[23:11] They zdedit Raj wherein they abide forever
[23:12] My created human bol z certain laskavy z mud
[23:13] Subsequently my reproduced him tiny kvapka miesto lepsi chranit repository.
[23:14] Potom my developed kvapka into hanging (zarodok) potom developed hanging
(zarodok) into bite-size (fetus) potom created bite-size (fetus) into bones potom pokryvka
bones ani ryba ani rak. My thus produce new creature. Zehnat bol GOD lepsie Creator!
[23:15] Potom neskoro on, ona umrel.
[23:16] Potom Dni Vzkriesenie ona resurrected
[23:17] My created ona 7 universes layers my som never unaware z single creature
[23:18] My send nadol sky zavlazit exact measure potom my store it ground Istota my
let it escape
[23:19] S it my produce for ona orchards z datum palms grapes all laskavy z ovocie
various foods.
[23:20] I strom rodny do Sinai produces olej i mat rad relish eaters!
[23:21] Zivy Inventar zadovazit ona lekcia. My let ona pne (mlieko) z ich brucho ona
derive inaksie benefits z them some z them ona pouzivat for food
[23:22] On them on ships ona ride
[23:23] My sent Noah jeho ludia saying O moj ludia kult GOD Ona nie have inak god
Him. Ona nie bol righteous?
[23:24] leaders disbelieved jeho ludia said This bol ziaden inak than human ona
chudoba zisk prominence ona. Had GOD willed He sent angels. My never heard anything
this our predok.
[23:25] He len clovek ist crazy Iba ignorovat him for awhile!
[23:26] He said Moj Lord grant mna victory they disbelieved mna!
[23:27] My potom inspirovat him Robit watercraft our watchful oci v accordance s our
inspiracia! When our command pojdem atmosphere boils up put it pair z kazdy laskavy
(z tvoj domesticated zviera) tvoj rodina except those condemned doomed Nie speak do
Mna on behalf z those transgressed they drowned
[23:28] Once ona zaplatit dohromady those bol ona watercraft ona say ‘Chvalit GOD
for saving us z zly ludia. ‘!
[23:29] say ‘Moj Lord let mna disembark zehnat location; Ona je dobre zachranca. ‘!
[23:30] These zadovazit sufficient proofs ona! My istota put ona test
[23:31] Subsequently my zriadit iny generation after them.
[23:32] My sent do them posol z them saying Ona kult GOD Ona nie have inak god
Him. Ona nie bol righteous?
[23:33] leaders jeho ludia disbelieved zamietnut idea Hereafter – although my zadovazit
for them generously v this zivot – said This bol ziaden inak than human bol ona! He jestn
z co ona jestn pne mat rad ona pne!
[23:34] If ona obey human bol ona potom ona bol skutocne losers.
[23:35] he promise ona ona umrel turn into dust bones ona pod znova?
[23:36] Nemozne nemozne indeed je co promised ona.
[23:37] My len zit this zivot – My zit umrel! – A my never resurrected
[23:38] He bol iba clovek fabricated laicky attributed them GOD My never verit him.
[23:39] He said Moj Lord grant mna victory they disbelieved mna!
[23:40] He said Skoro they bol sorry
[23:41] retribution struck them equitably thus my turned them zrucaniny. Zlomyselny
ludia zdochnut
[23:42] Subsequently my zriadit inak generations them.
[23:43] Ziaden obec zaloha its predetermined fate nor zdrzat it
[23:44] Potom my sent our posol v succession. Kazdy cas posol ist jeho obec they
disbelieved him. Consequently my annihilated them 1 inaksie robit them history! Ludia
disbelieved zdochnut.
[23:45] Potom my sent Moses jeho brat Aaron our revelations profound proof
[23:46] Do Pharaoh jeho elders they turned arrogant! They bol oppressive ludia.
[23:47] They said my verit 2 clovek whose ludia je our slaves
[23:48] They zamietnut 2 a consequently they annihilated
[23:49] My dat Moses scripture they guided
[23:50] My robit syn Mary jeho matka znamenie my dat them refuge mesa food pne
[23:51] O ona posol jestn dobry provisions zavodny righteousness! Ja je fully aware z
everything ona robit.
[23:52] Such bol tvoj congregation – 1 congregation – Ja bol tvoj Lord ona reverence
[23:53] they tore into disputing factions; each party happy co they have
[23:54] Therefore iba lavy them ich zmatok for awhile!
[23:55] Robit they myslienka since my zadovazit them peniaze dieta
[23:56] My lejak them blessings? Indeed they nie have idea.
[23:57] Iste those bol reverently conscious z ich Lord
[23:58] Kto verit v revelations ich Lord
[23:59] A kto never set any idols ich Lord
[23:60] Mat Rad they dat ich laska k bliznemu ich srdce bol fully reverent. they
recognize lenze they zvolat ich Lord
[23:61] They bol eager robit righteous robota; they compete do robit them!
[23:62] My never burden any soul its vyznam my keep rekord utters truth. Ziaden 1
suffer injustice.
[23:63] Ich zmyslanie bol oblivious do this they commit robota robi nie zhodny this; ich
robota bol zly.
[23:64] Potom when my requite ich leaders retribution they complain
[23:65] Nie complain teraz; ona dat all pomoc z us!
[23:66] Moj proofs presented ona ona turned tvoj heels
[23:67] Ona je i arrogant accept them ona defiantly disregarded them!
[23:68] Why they nie zrkadlit this scripture? they nie realize ze they robit received nieco
have never attained ich predok?
[23:69] they zlyhat recognize ich posol? this they je disregarding him?
[23:70] they decided ze he Have bol crazy Indeed he brought truth them vela z them
hate truth!
[23:71] Indeed if truth zhodny ich zelat there bol chaos heavens zem; everything them
zhnity! My dat them ich proof they disregarding ich proof
[23:72] Ona ziadat them wage Tvoj Lord’s wage bol daleko lepsie. He je lepsie
[23:73] vela assuredly ona inviting them straight chodnicek.
[23:74] Those disbelieve Hereafter iste deviate na pravo chodnicek.
[23:75] Vecer when my lejak them s zlutovanie, relieved ich problems they plunged
deeper transgression zotrvat omyl
[23:76] Vecer when my afflicted them retribution they never turned ich Lord imploring
[23:77] Subsequently when my requited them severe retribution they incurred they lak.
[23:78] He je 1 kto granted ona hearing eyesight inteligencia! Zriedka bol ona
[23:79] He je Jeden zriadit ona zem a Him ona zvolat.
[23:80] He bol Jeden controls zivot smrt He bol 1 kto alternates night dni. Ona nie
[23:81] They said co ich predok said
[23:82] They said After my umrel become dust bones my get resurrected
[23:83] Such promises dat us our rodicia v the minuly. These je ziaden inak than tales z
[23:84] Say “Do koho belongs zem everyone it if ona zauzlit?
[23:85] They say “Do GOD Say potom ona nie berie heed
[23:86] Say Kto bol Lord z 7 universes; Lord velka dominion?
[23:87] They say GOD Say potom ona nie turn righteous?
[23:88] Say Do whose hand je all sovereignty all things He iba jeden zadovazit pomoc
needs nie pomoc ona je zauzlit?
[23:89] They say GOD Say Kde will ona ist zlo”?
[23:90] My dat them truth chvila they bol liars.
[23:91] GOD never begotten SYN. Nor bol there vzdy any inak god Him. Inak each god
declared independence jeho creations they competed each inak for dominance! GOD
[23:92] Knower z all secrets declarations; He exalted daleko having partner
[23:93] Say Moj Lord Ona show mna (retribution) they incurred
[23:94] Moj Lord let mna nie je jeden z transgressing ludia!
[23:95] Do show ona (retribution) my rezervovat them je nieco my easily robit!
[23:96] Therefore counter ich zly robota laskavost; my bol fully aware z ich reklamovat!
[23:97] Say Moj Lord ja seek refuge Ona z whispers devils
[23:98] Ja seek refuge v Ona moj Lord lest they pojdem mna.
[23:99] When smrt pojdem 1 z them he says Moj Lord send mna!
[23:100] Ja potom zavodny righteousness everything ja lavy. Nie true This bol false
reklamovat he robit. barrier separate jeho soul this world vzkriesenie.
[23:101] When roh nie blown vztah them exist ze dni nor will they care 1 iny
[23:102] Mat rad for those weights bol heavy they bol winners.
[23:103] Those weights bol kypry je jeden lost ich souls; they abide Hell forever
[23:104] Zapalit overwhelm ich faces they posledny miserably therein!
[23:105] Nie bol Moj revelations recited ona ona kept zamietnut them?
[23:106] They say Our Lord our wickedness overwhelmed us my zaludnit ist astray!
[23:107] Our Lord berie us out z this; if my spatny listok our stara chovanie) potom my
bol skutocne zlomyselny!
[23:108] He say Abide therein humiliated nie speak do Mna!
[23:109] Zoskupit Moj servants pouzivat say ‘Our Lord my verit so forgive us lejak us s
zlutovanie! Z all merciful jeden Ona bol the Vela Merciful. ‘
[23:110] Ona mocked ridiculed them extent ze ona zabudnut Mna! Ona pouzivat laugh
[23:111] Ja rewarded them dnes chrbat ich steadfastness robit them winners.
[23:112] He said “Ako long ona posledny zem? Ako vela rocnik?
[23:113] They said My posledny dni part z dni! Ziadat those pocitat!
[23:114] He said skutocne ona zostat brief interim ona len zauzlit.
[23:115] Ona myslienka my Robit created ona v vain ona nie bol spatny listok us?
[23:116] exalted bol GOD true Sovereign There nie bol inak god Him; the Vela
Honorable Lord possessor all authority
[23:117] Ktokolvek idolizes GOD any inaksie god any laskavy z proof reckoning
zvysok jeho Lord disbelievers never succeed.
[23:118] Say Moj Lord lejak us forgiveness zlutovanie! Z all merciful jeden Ona bol the
Vela Merciful.