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Cheaters (Al-Mutaffifeen)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[83:1] Woe do cheaters.
[83:2] Kto ziadat full measure when receiving z ludia!
[83:3] when dat them measures weights they cheat
[83:4] they nie zauzlit lenze they resurrected
[83:5] On tremendous dni?
[83:6] Ze je dni when all ludia stand Lord universe.
[83:7] Indeed rezervovat si z zlomyselny bol Sijjeen.
[83:8] Ona zauzlit co Sijjeen robit bol
[83:9] numerically zlozenie rezervovat si.
[83:10] Woe ze dni do rejectors.
[83:11] They nie verit v Dni Judgment
[83:12] Ziaden disbelieves therein transgressor the sinful.
[83:13] When our revelations recited him he says Tales z minuly!
[83:14] Indeed ich srdce become chranit ich zhresit!
[83:15] Indeed they izolovat ze dni ich Lord
[83:16] Potom they thrown Hell.
[83:17] They told This bol co ona pouzivat zapierat!
[83:18] Indeed rezervovat si righteous will bol ‘Elleyyeen.
[83:19] Ona zauzlit co ‘Elleyyeen robit bol
[83:20] numerically zlozenie rezervovat si.
[83:21] Do svedok those Mna!
[83:22] righteous zasluzit bliss!
[83:23] On luxurious zariadenie they watch
[83:24] Ona recognize ich faces radost bliss.
[83:25] Ich pne korenie nectar.
[83:26] Its korenie bol musk. This bol co competitors compete for
[83:27] Mixed into it bol zvlastny flavors
[83:28] Jaro rezervovat for those Mna.
[83:29] Zlomyselny pouzivat laugh do those verit!
[83:30] When they ist okolo them they pouzivat poke zart!
[83:31] When they got dohromady ich ludia they pouzivat zartovat!
[83:32] Whenever they saw them they said These ludia bol daleko astray!
[83:33] They nie have such thing (invisible) guards
[83:34] Dnes those verit laughing disbelievers.
[83:35] On luxurious zariadenie they watch
[83:36] vela assuredly disbelievers requited co they robit.