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Event (Al-Naba)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[78:1] Co som they questioning
[78:2] Velka event.
[78:3] Ze disputed them.
[78:4] Indeed they robit zalozit out!
[78:5] vela assuredly they robit zalozit out!
[78:6] My nie robit zem habitable?
[78:7] mountains stabilizers?
[78:8] My created ona mates 1 iny
[78:9] My created spat so ona zvysok!
[78:10] My robit night zakryt
[78:11] Dni seek provisions
[78:12] My built ona 7 universes.
[78:13] My created chapavy lampa.
[78:14] My send clouds pouring zavlazit.
[78:15] Do produce it zrno zasadit!
[78:16] A various orchards.
[78:17] Dni Decision appointed
[78:18] Dni roh blown ona pojdem do zhluk!
[78:19] heaven bol je otvorene zavora!
[78:20] mountains zosadit mat rad they bol mirage.
[78:21] Gehenna bol inevitable.
[78:22] For transgressors; it bol ich abode.
[78:23] They zostat it for vek.
[78:24] They never chut it coolness nor pne
[78:25] Len inferno bitter food
[78:26] Iba requital.
[78:27] They never expected held accountable!
[78:28] utterly zamietnut our znamenie.
[78:29] My pocitat everything rekord.
[78:30] Suffer consequences; my len zvacsit tvoj retribution!
[78:31] righteous zasluzit reward
[78:32] Orchards grapes
[78:33] Magnificent spouses.
[78:34] Lahodny pne
[78:35] They never hear it any nonsense laicky
[78:36] reward z tvoj Lord generous recompense
[78:37] Lord z heavens zem everything them. The Vela Gracious. Ziaden 1 abrogate
Jeho decisions.
[78:38] Dni pojdem when Spirit angels stand rad! Ziaden speak those permitted by the
Vela Gracious they utter len co je na pravo!
[78:39] Such bol inevitable dni. Whoever wills let him berie refuge jeho Lord
[78:40] My sufficiently warned ona imminent retribution. Ze je dni when everyone
examine co jeho hands sent forth disbeliever say Oh Ja zelat si ja je dust