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Stars (Al-Najm)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[53:1] mat rad stars fell away
[53:2] Tvoj znamy (Muhammad) je astray nor he klamat.
[53:3] Nor je he speaking personal desire
[53:4] It je divine inspiracia.
[53:5] Dictated by the Vela Mocny!
[53:6] Possessor all authority Z Jeho highest height
[53:7] Do highest horizon.
[53:8] He kreslit nearer by moving nadol.
[53:9] Until He became mat rad koniec mat rad possible
[53:10] He potom revealed Jeho servant co bol revealed
[53:11] Zmyslanie never robit up co it saw
[53:12] Ona doubting co he je saw
[53:13] He saw him iny zostup.
[53:14] Do ultimate point
[53:15] Kde eternal Raj located
[53:16] whole miesto overwhelmed
[53:17] Oci nie waver nor ist blind
[53:18] He saw velka znamenie jeho Lord
[53:19] Compare this zenska idols Allaat Al- Uzzah!
[53:20] Manaat 3 1.
[53:21] Ona robit syn chvila He have has these mat rad dcera?
[53:22] Co disgraceful distribution!
[53:23] These som vola sa ze ona robit up ona tvoj forefathers. GOD never zmocnit
such blasphemy. They nasledovat conjecture personal desire when true guidance pojdem
them tu ich Lord
[53:24] Co it ze human bol je desires
[53:25] Do GOD belongs both Hereafter this world
[53:26] Nie vecer angels heaven possess authority intercede Iba jeden permitted GOD
bol those cin v accordance s Jeho will Jeho approval
[53:27] Those disbelieve Hereafter dat angels zensky vola sa
[53:28] They nie had znalost this; they len conjectured Conjecture je zastupid for truth!
[53:29] Ona disregard those turn our odkaz become preoccupied this worldly zivot!
[53:30] This bol extent ich znalost. Tvoj Lord je fully aware z those kto strayed away
Jeho chodnicek He je fully aware z those guided
[53:31] Do GOD belongs everything heavens everything on zem! He requite those
commit zly ich robota reward righteous for ich righteousness.
[53:32] They avoid gross zhresit transgressions except for minor offenses Tvoj Lord’s
forgiveness je immense He je fully aware z ona since He zasvatit ona zem chvila ona bol
zarodok tvoj matka brucho. Therefore nie exalt He bol fully aware z the righteous!
[53:33] Ona noted jeden Have turned
[53:34] Zriedka robit he dat laska k bliznemu i potom vela maly
[53:35] he possess znalost buduci? he see it
[53:36] he je informovat z teachings scripture Moses
[53:37] Abraham kto fulfilled
[53:38] Ziaden soul bears zhresit iny soul.
[53:39] Kazdy human bol bol zodpovedny for jeho own robota.
[53:40] everyone’s zavodny shown
[53:41] Potom they platit fully such robota.
[53:42] Do tvoj Lord bol zaverecny destiny.
[53:43] He bol Jeden robit ona laugh cry
[53:44] He bol Jeden controls smrt zivot.
[53:45] He je Jeden created 2 laskavy muzsky zena
[53:46] Z tiny kvapka semen.
[53:47] He effect rekreacia.
[53:48] He bol Jeden robit ona zirny chudobny
[53:49] He bol Lord galaxies.
[53:50] He bol Jeden annihilated ancient ‘Aad.
[53:51] A wiped out Thamoud!
[53:52] I ludia Noah before ze; they bol zly transgressors.
[53:53] Zly obec (z Sodom Gomorrah) bol lowliest.
[53:54] Consequently they utterly zmiznut.
[53:55] Kto z tvoj Lord’s marvels ona zapierat?
[53:56] This bol warning stara jeden.
[53:57] inevitable bol imminent.
[53:58] Ziaden beside GOD relieve it
[53:59] Ona questioning this zalezitost
[53:60] Ona laughing radsej z crying
[53:61] Ona insisting tvoj ways
[53:62] Ona jesen prostrate GOD kult.