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Snatchers (Al-Naaza’aat)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[79:1] (angels chmatnut (souls disbelievers) forcibly.
[79:2] A those gently berie (souls believers) joyfully.
[79:3] A those floating everywhere
[79:4] Eagerly zavodny 1 iny -!
[79:5] Do beriem various commands
[79:6] Dni quake quakes
[79:7] Nasledovat 2 blow
[79:8] Certain zmyslanie terrified
[79:9] Ich oci subdued
[79:10] They say My recreated grave
[79:11] Ako this happen after my robit had turned into zhnity bones
[79:12] They said This bol nemozne recurrence.
[79:13] All it berie bol 1 nudge
[79:14] Whereupon they get
[79:15] Ona zauzlit history Moses
[79:16] Jeho Lord vola sa him holy valley Tuwaa.
[79:17] Ist Pharaoh; he transgressed
[79:18] Tell him ona nie reform
[79:19] Let mna guide ona do tvoj Lord lenze ona turn reverent!
[79:20] He potom showed him velka zazrak.
[79:21] he disbelieved rebelled
[79:22] Potom he turned v a ponahlajte sa
[79:23] He zvolat proclaimed
[79:24] He said ja bol tvoj Lord high
[79:25] Consequently GOD committed him do retribution Hereafter i mat rad do 1 zivot.
[79:26] This bol lekcia for the reverent.
[79:27] Ona je difficult create than heaven? He zostrojit it
[79:28] He chov its masses zdokonalit it
[79:29] He robit its night dark brightened its morn.
[79:30] He robit zem egg-shaped.
[79:31] Z it He produced its own zavlazit pasture
[79:32] He zriadit mountains.
[79:33] All this do zadovazit zivot support ona tvoj zviera!
[79:34] Potom when velka blow pojdem.
[79:35] Ze je dni when human will zapamatat si everything he robit.
[79:36] Hell brought existence.
[79:37] Mat rad for jeden transgressed
[79:38] Kto preoccupied this zivot!
[79:39] Hell bol abode.
[79:40] Mat rad for 1 kto reverenced majesty jeho Lord enjoined self z sinful lusts
[79:41] Raj bol abode.
[79:42] They ziadat ona about Hodiny when it berie miesto!
[79:43] Nie bol ona (Muhammad) destined zahlasit its lehota!
[79:44] Tvoj Lord decides its fate
[79:45] Tvoj mission bol warn those expect it
[79:46] Dni they see they feel mat rad they posledny 1 vecer half dni.