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Thunder (Al-Ra’ad)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[13:1] A L. M. R. These (list) bol proofs this scripture. Co revealed ona tvoj Lord bol
truth vela zaludnit nie verit!
[13:2] GOD JE JEDEN CHOV heavens without pillars LENZE ONA see POTOM
assumed all authority He committed sun moon each running (do its orbit for
predetermined period! He controls all things explains revelations ze ona attain certainty
schodza tvoj Lord
[13:3] He je Jeden zostrojit zem miesto it mountains rieka! A z inak laskavy ovocie He
robit them pairs – Muzsky zena. night overtakes dni. These je solid proofs ludia
[13:4] On zem there bol adjacent lots produce orchards grapes zozat palm strom –
dioecious non-dioecious. they zavodnit same zavlazit my mat radsej some z them others
do jestn! These je solid proofs ludia chapat.
[13:5] Ona vzdy zazrak real zazrak bol ich saying my turn into dust robit my recreated
znova These je jeden disbelieved ich Lord These je jeden incurred puta ich krk. These je
jeden incurred Hell wherein they abide forever
[13:6] They challenge ona bring doom them radsej than turning righteous! Sufficient
precedents set them v the minuly. Indeed tvoj Lord bol full z forgiveness ludia ich
transgressions tvoj Lord je i strict v enforcing retribution!
[13:7] Those disbelieved say len zazrak pod him jeho Lord (my potom verit.) Ona bol
len warner – Kazdy obec receives guiding teacher.
[13:8] GOD zauzlit CO KAZDY ZENSKA bears CO KAZDY womb releases ZISK!
Everything He robit perfectly measured
[13:9] Knower z all secrets declarations; Zvrchovany the Vela High
[13:10] bol the same ona zatajit tvoj thoughts declare them zatajit darkness night cin
[13:11] Shifts angels) berie zostat each jeden z ona – they bol ona za ona. They zostat
ona guard ona v accordance s GOD’s commands Thus GOD nie zmenit condition any
ludia they robit decision zmenit. GOD wills any hardship any ludia ziaden force zastavit
it For they have ziaden Him mat rad Lord a Zvladnut
[13:12] He bol Jeden shows ona lightning mat rad zdroj fear i mat rad hope He zasvatit
loaded clouds
[13:13] thunder chvalit Jeho glory a so robit angels reverence Him. He sends lightning
zavora kto strike v accordance s Jeho will they argue GOD though Jeho power bol
[13:14] Imploring Him je iba zakonny supplication chvila idols they implore Him vzdy
nie respond. Thus they bol those stretch ich hands zavlazit nothing zastihnut ich usta.
supplications disbelievers bol v vain
[13:15] GOD prostrates everyone heavens zem willingly unwillingly so robit ich
shadows v the rano vecer!
[13:16] Say Kto bol Lord heavens zem? Say GOD Say potom robi ona set Him zvladnut
kto nie possess any power robit benefit harm vecer themselves? Say Bol blind same mat
rad seer? darkness same mat rad lahky? je they zalozit idols GOD created creations a
podobne do Jeho creations do point nie distinguishing 2 creations? Say GOD bol Creator
all things He bol 1 Zvrchovany
[13:17] He sends nadol zavlazit sky zapricinit valleys zaplavit potom rapids produce
abundant foam Similarly when they pouzivat zapalit zjemnit metals ich jewelry naradie
foam produced GOD thus cites analogies for truth falsehood. Mat rad for foam it ist pusty
chvila kto benefits ludia zostat ground GOD thus cites analogies.
[13:18] Those respond ich Lord zasluzit dobry rewards Mat rad for those zlyhat
respond Him they possessed everything zem – vecer dva krat mat rad vela – they readily
dat it mat rad ransom They incurred zly reckoning ich zaverecny abode bol Hell; co
chudobny destiny.
[13:19] Jeden je recognizes tvoj Lord’s revelations ona truth equal do jeden je je blind
Len those possess inteligencia berie heed
[13:20] They bol jeden fulfill ich zavazok GOD nie znasilnit covenant
[13:21] They join co GOD commanded joined reverence ich Lord fear dreadful
[13:22] They steadfastly persevere seeking ich Lord observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat)
spend our provisions them secretly publicly counter zly s dobry! These zasluzit lepsie
[13:23] They zapisat zahrada Eden dohromady righteous among ich rodicia ich spouses
ich dieta. angels zapisat them kazdy dvere.
[13:24] Peace je ona ona steadfastly persevered Co radostny destiny.
[13:25] Mat rad for those znasilnit GOD’s covenant zavazok keep it sever co GOD
commanded joined commit zly they incurred condemnation; they incurred zly destiny!
[13:26] GOD bol JEDEN ZVACSIT provision whomever He wills withholds it They
become preoccupied this zivot; this zivot compared do Hereafter je nil
[13:27] Those disbelieve say len zazrak pod him jeho Lord (my verit.) Say GOD sends
astray whomever He wills guides do Him len those obey
[13:28] They bol jeden srdce rejoice zapamatat si GOD Absolutely by zapamatat si
GOD srdce rejoice
[13:29] Those verit lead righteous zivot zasluzit happiness radostny destiny!
[13:30] My sent ona O Rashad) this obec iba mat rad my robit inak obec v the minuly.
Ona recite them co my reveal ona they disbelieved do the Vela Gracious. Say He bol moj
Lord There nie bol god except He! Ja put moj trust Him alone do Him bol moj ultimate
[13:31] Vecer if Quran zapricinit mountains move zem tear asunder dead speak (they
nie verit)! GOD controls all things. it nie lehota believers je do dat up realize lenze GOD
willed He guided all ludia? disbelievers zotrvat suffer disasters consequence ich own
robota have disasters strike them GOD’s promise fulfilled GOD will never ZMENIT
predetermined destiny!
[13:32] Posol ona ridiculed ja permitted disbelievers beriem potom ja punished them.
Ako hrozny bol Moj retribution!
[13:33] Je there any equal do Jeden controls kazdy single soul? they set idols rival GOD
Say Vola Sa them! Ona informovat Him z nieco zem He nie zauzlit? Al je ona fabricating
empty statements? Indeed kut plany z those disbelieve zdobit ich oci! They thus diverted
na pravo chodnicek. Whomever GOD sends astray never zalozit guiding teacher!
[13:34] They incurred retribution v this zivot retribution Hereafter bol daleko zly
Nothing chranit them GOD
[13:35] allegory Heaven kto promised righteous flowing streams inexhaustible
provisions chladny zaclonit. Such je destiny those observe righteousness chvila destiny
disbelievers bol Hell.
[13:36] Those received scripture rejoice do co revealed ona; some others zamietnut parts
z it Say ja len enjoined kult GOD never associate any idols Him! Ja invite Him Him bol
moj ultimate destiny.
[13:37] My revealed these zakon Arabic a ona vzdy acquiesce ich zelat this znalost
pojdem ona ona have ally nor protector GOD
[13:38] My sent posol ona O Rashad) my robit them manzel manzelka dieta! Ziaden
posol produce zazrak GOD’s authorization v accordance s specific predetermined cas
[13:39] GOD erases whatever He wills fixes whatever He wills). S Him bol irecity
Zvladnut Rekord.
[13:40] My show ona co my promise them zakoncit tvoj zivot before ze, tvoj chodidlo
mission je deliver (odkaz)! bol us vola sa them zisk
[13:41] they nie see kazdy dni zem brings them koniec koniec GOD decides ich zivot
span irrevocably? He bol the vela zdatny Reckoner.
[13:42] Others them kut plany GOD belongs ultimate kut plany He zauzlit co everyone
robit. disbelievers robit zalozit out kto ultimate winners bol
[13:43] Those disbelieved say Ona je posol! Say GOD suffices mat rad svedok mi ona
those possess znalost scripture.