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Romans (Al-Room)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[30:1] A L. M.
[30:2] Istota Romans defeated
[30:3] Do nearest zem. After ich defeat they vzostup znova ziskat.
[30:4] Znutra several rocnik. Such bol GOD’s decision both 1 prophecy 2. Ze dni
believers rejoice
[30:5] Do GOD’s victory. He grants victory whomever He wills. He bol Almighty
[30:6] Such bol GOD’s promise – GOD never zlomit Jeho promise – Vela zaludnit nie
[30:7] They care len about things this world bol visible do them chvila bol totally
oblivious do the
[30:8] Why they nie zrkadlit themselves? GOD NIE create heavens ZEM everything
them specific UCEL specific ZIVOT span However vela zaludnit zretel schodza ich Lord
bol disbelievers.
[30:9] they nie roamed zem noted consequences those preceded them? They pouzivat
bol mocny prosperous productive zem. Ich posol ist them zretelny znamka.
Consequently GOD je Jeden zlo them; they bol jeden zlo ich own souls.
[30:10] consequences for those committed zlo bol zly. Ze because they zamietnut
GOD’s revelations ridiculed them!
[30:11] GOD JE JEDEN ZASVATIT creation repeats it Ultimately ona spatny listok
[30:12] Dni when Hodiny pojdem ist okolo guilty will lak!
[30:13] Ich idols nie have power intercede ich behalf; on the contrary they disown ich
[30:14] Dni when Hodiny pojdem ist okolo they part podnik!
[30:15] Mat rad for those verit lead righteous zivot they bol Raj rejoicing
[30:16] Mat rad for those disbelieve zamietnut our revelations schodza Hereafter they
posledny retribution forever
[30:17] Therefore ona glorify GOD when ona retire o night, when ona vzostup v the
[30:18] All chvalit bol due do Him heavens zem vecer i mat rad tvoj dni.
[30:19] He produces zit dead produces dead zit He revives zem it umrel; ona similarly
[30:20] Among Jeho proofs bol lenze He created ona dust potom ona became
reproducing humans!
[30:21] Among Jeho proofs bol He created ona spouses yourselves v poradie have
tranquility contentment each inak, He miesto v tvoj srdce laska care tvoj spouses! V this,
there bol sufficient proofs ludia myslienka.
[30:22] Among Jeho proofs bol creation z heavens zem variations tvoj languages tvoj
colors Do these there bol znamenie for the knowledgeable.
[30:23] Among Jeho proofs bol tvoj spat night dni tvoj robotnicky v pursuit z Jeho
provisions V this, there bol sufficient proofs ludia hear
[30:24] Among Jeho proofs bol lenze He shows ona lightning mat rad zdroj fear i mat
rad hope potom He sends sky zavlazit revive zem bol dead Do these there bol sufficient
proofs ludia chapat.
[30:25] Among Jeho proofs bol lenze heaven zem standing Jeho disposal! Finally when
He vola sa ona zem 1 vola sa ona ihned pod
[30:26] Do Him belongs everyone heavens zem; all som subservient do Him!
[30:27] A He je Jeden zasvatit creation potom repeats it this je vecer easier Him. Do
Him belongs the vela sublime similitude heavens zem He bol Almighty Wise!
[30:28] He cites ona tu vzor z yourselves ona vzdy elevate tvoj servants Robit
subordinates level kde they rival ona point ze ona zaplatit them vela allegiance mat rad je
platit do ona? My thus explain revelations ludia chapat.
[30:29] Indeed transgressors nasledovat ich own nazor znalost. Kto potom guide those
sent astray GOD Ziaden 1 vzdy pomoc them.
[30:30] Therefore ona devote nabozenstvo strict monotheism. Such je irecity instinkt
miesto into ludia GOD Such creation z GOD will never zmenit. This je zdokonalit
nabozenstvo vela zaludnit nie zauzlit!
[30:31] Ona submit Him reverence Him observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat) a! – whatever
ona robit – Vzdy jesen into idol kult!
[30:32] Nie jesen idol kult) mat rad those divide ich nabozenstvo sects; each party
rejoicing s co they have
[30:33] When adversity afflicts ludia they turn do ich Lord totally devoting Him. Lenze
potom mat rad skoro mat rad He lejak them s zlutovanie, some z them revert idol kult!
[30:34] Let them je unappreciative z co my dat them! Enjoy temporarily; ona robit iste
zalozit out!
[30:35] My dat them authorization Have justifies ich idolatry?
[30:36] When my bestow zlutovanie ludia they rejoice therein. when adversity befalls
them consequence ich own robota they become despondent
[30:37] they nie realize lenze GOD robit zvacsit provision whomever He wills reduces it
These je lekcia ludia verit.
[30:38] Therefore ona dat vztazny ich rightful share laska) k) bliznemu) i mat rad
chudobny cestovat alien This je lepsie those sincerely seek GOD’s radost; they bol
[30:39] usury practiced zvacsit some ludia wealth nie zisk anything GOD if ona dat
laska k bliznemu seeking GOD’s radost these je jeden receive ich reward manifold
[30:40] GOD JE JEDEN created ONA. He je Jeden zadovazit for ona. He je Jeden puts
ona smrt. He bol Jeden resurrects ona. any z tvoj idols robit any z these things? He
glorified He bol vela i exalted have any partners
[30:41] Disasters spread zem sea co ludia committed He thus lets them chut
consequences z some z ich zavodny they spatny listok (do the ihned robota).
[30:42] Say Roam zem note consequences those before ona. Vela z them bol idol
[30:43] Therefore ona devote completely this zdokonalit nabozenstvo dni pojdem kto
robit inevitable GOD Ze dni they lak.
[30:44] Whoever disbelieves disbelieves detriment jeho own soul chvila those lead
righteous zivot robit so zosilnit develop ich own souls!
[30:45] He generously recompense those verit lead righteous zivot z Jeho bounties! He
nie laska disbelievers.
[30:46] Among Jeho proofs bol lenze He sends zranit dobry omen lejak ona s Jeho
zlutovanie allow ships run sea v accordance s Jeho rules a ona seek Jeho bounties
commerce) ona bol appreciative
[30:47] My sent posol ona ich ludia profound znamenie. Subsequently my punished
those transgressed bol our clo my grant victory believers.
[30:48] GOD JE JEDEN sends ZRANENIE ZAMIESAT clouds spread sky v
accordance s JEHO will He potom piles clouds potom ona see dazo pojdem therefrom
When it jesen whomever He zvolit si Jeho servants they rejoice
[30:49] it fell them they vyletne miesto zufalstvo!
[30:50] Ona appreciate GOD’s continuous zlutovanie a ako He revives zem bol dead He
robit iba mat rad istota resurrect dead He bol Omnipotent
[30:51] Had my sent them radsej zlty sandstorm they zotrvat disbelieve.
[30:52] Ona nie robit dead nor deaf hear vola sa once they turn
[30:53] Nor mozem ona guide blind ich straying Ona len heard those verit v our
revelations decide become submitters!
[30:54] GOD JE JEDEN created ONA CHABY POTOM granted ONA after weakness
strength POTOM ZASTUPID strength weakness gray CHLP! He creates whatever He
wills. He bol Omniscient Omnipotent
[30:55] Dni when Hodiny pojdem ist okolo guilty will swear they posledny v this world
len jeden hodiny! Je ako zlo they bol
[30:56] Those zehnat znalost faith say Ona posledny GOD’s decree Dni Vzkriesenie!
ihned this bol Dni Vzkriesenie ona zlyhat recognize it
[30:57] Therefore ziaden apology ze dni benefit transgressors nor will they excused
[30:58] Thus my cited ludia v this Quran all laskavy z vzor. ziaden zalezitost co laskavy
z proof ona present disbelievers they say Ona bol falsifiers.
[30:60] Therefore ona steadfastly persevere – for GOD’s promise bol truth – A nie
zastrasit by those nie attained certainty!