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Arrangers (Al-Saffat)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[37:1] arrangers columns.
[37:2] blamers z those do blamed
[37:3] reciters odkaz.
[37:4] Tvoj god bol len 1.
[37:5] Lord z heavens zem everything them Lord z easts.
[37:6] My zdobit lowest heaven zdobit planets
[37:7] My guarded it kazdy zly devil
[37:8] They nie spy High Society; they get bombarded kazdy strana!
[37:9] They condemned they incurred eternal retribution.
[37:10] any z them ventures zverenec outer limits he struck fierce projectile
[37:11] Ziadat them Som they difficult create inaksie creations? My created them z
zmacat mud
[37:12] chvila ona awed they mock
[37:13] When reminded they nie berie heed
[37:14] When they see proof they ridicule it
[37:15] They say This bol obviously kuzlo!
[37:16] After my umrel become dust bones my resurrected
[37:17] Vecer our ancient predok?
[37:18] Say Ano ona forcibly zvolat!
[37:19] All berie je 1 nudge whereupon they stand looking
[37:20] They say Woe us; this bol Dni Judgment
[37:21] This bol dni decision ona pouzivat disbelieve do!
[37:22] Zvolat transgressors ich spouses idols they kult!
[37:23] beside GOD guide them do chodnicek Hell.
[37:24] Zastavit them ziadat them!
[37:25] Why ona nie pomoc jeden iny
[37:26] They bol lenze dni totally submitting
[37:27] They pojdem each inak, questioning blaming 1 iny
[37:28] They say (do ich leaders Ona pouzivat pojdem us na pravo strana.
[37:29] They respond bol ona nie bol believers.
[37:30] My never had any power ona; bol ona bol zlomyselny.
[37:31] My justly incurred our Lord’s judgment ihned my suffer.
[37:32] My zmylit ona len my bol astray.
[37:33] Thus dohromady they will all zucastnit sa retribution ze dni.
[37:34] This bol ako my requite guilty
[37:35] When they told Laa Elaaha Ella Allah There nie bol inak god GOD they turned
[37:36] They said my lavy our gods crazy poet?
[37:37] Skutocne he brought truth confirmed posol.
[37:38] vela assuredly ona chut the vela painful retribution.
[37:39] Ona requited len co ona robit.
[37:40] Len GOD’s servants je absolutely devoted do Him alone saved
[37:41] They zasluzit provisions rezervovat specifically them.
[37:42] All laskavy z ovocie. They honored
[37:43] Do zahrada bliss.
[37:44] On zariadenie 1 iny.
[37:45] Salka pure pne offered them!
[37:46] Zretelny lahodny for drinkers.
[37:47] Never zhanobit never exhausted
[37:48] S them bol nadherny companions.
[37:49] chranit mat rad lamavy vajce.
[37:50] They pojdem each inak, confer 1 iny
[37:51] 1 z them say ja pouzivat have znamy!
[37:52] He pouzivat mock ‘Robit ona verit all this?
[37:53] After my umrel turn into dust bones robit my vola sa do zisk ‘!
[37:54] He say Iba berie look
[37:55] When he looks he see jeho znamy srdce Hell.
[37:56] He ist him say GOD ona skoro zahuba mna!
[37:57] If nie bol moj Lord’s zehnat ja bol ona ihned
[37:58] (Robit ona still verit) my umrel!
[37:59] Len 1 smrt my never receive any requital?
[37:60] Such bol velka triumph
[37:61] This bol co kazdy robotnik zavodny for
[37:62] bol this lepsie destiny strom bitterness?
[37:63] My rendered it punishment transgressors.
[37:64] bol strom grows srdce Hell.
[37:65] Its kvetina look devils’ riaditel.
[37:66] They jestn z it ich brucho filled
[37:67] Potom they top it hellish pne
[37:68] Potom they spatny listok do Hell.
[37:69] They zalozit ich rodicia astray.
[37:70] they blindly nasledovat v ich footsteps.
[37:71] vela z previous generations have strayed same chovanie.
[37:72] My have sent do them warners!
[37:73] Note consequences for those warned
[37:74] Len GOD’s servants je absolutely devoted do Him alone saved
[37:75] Thus Noah vola sa us my bol lepsie responders.
[37:76] My saved him jeho rodina velka disaster.
[37:77] My robit jeho companions survivors.
[37:78] My zavarit jeho history subsequent generations
[37:79] Peace je Noah among the zaludnit!
[37:80] My thus reward the righteous.
[37:81] He bol 1 z our verit servants.
[37:82] My drowned all others.
[37:83] Among jeho followers bol Abraham.
[37:84] He pojdem jeho Lord wholeheartedly.
[37:85] He said do jeho otca jeho ludia Co som ona kult?
[37:86] it these fabricated gods GOD ona chudoba?
[37:87] Co robit ona myslienka z Lord universe?
[37:88] He looked carefully stars
[37:89] Potom he dat up said ja tired z this!
[37:90] They turned him.
[37:91] He potom turned ich idols saying ona zaluba jestn?
[37:92] Why ona nie speak
[37:93] He potom znicit them.
[37:94] They ist him velka zurivost.
[37:95] He said Ako ona kult co ona carve
[37:96] When GOD created ona everything ona robit!
[37:97] They said build velka zapalit throw him into it
[37:98] They kut plany him my robit them losers!
[37:99] He said ja ist moj Lord He guide mna.
[37:100] Moj Lord grant mna righteous dieta!
[37:101] My dat him dobry zvest dobry dieta.
[37:102] When he grew enough zavodny him he said Moj syn ja see dream ja sacrificing
ona. Co robit ona myslienka He said O moj otca robit co ona commanded robit! Ona
zalozit mna GOD willing chory.
[37:103] They both submitted he put jeho forehead nadol sacrifice him)!
[37:104] My vola sa him O Abraham.
[37:105] Ona verit dream My thus reward the righteous.
[37:106] Ze exacting test indeed.
[37:107] My ransomed (Ismail) zastupid zivocisny sacrifice
[37:108] My zavarit jeho history subsequent generations
[37:109] Peace bol Abraham.
[37:110] My thus reward the righteous.
[37:111] He bol 1 z our verit servants.
[37:112] Potom my dat him dobry zvest narodenie Isaac bol 1 z righteous prophets.
[37:113] My zehnat him Isaac. Among ich descendants some bol righteous some bol
zlomyselny transgressors.
[37:114] My i zehnat Moses Aaron.
[37:115] My delivered them ich ludia velka disaster.
[37:116] My supported them they became winners.
[37:117] My dat both z them profound scripture.
[37:118] My guided them na pravo chodnicek.
[37:119] My zavarit ich history subsequent generations
[37:120] Peace bol upon Moses Aaron.
[37:121] My thus reward the righteous.
[37:122] Both z them bol our righteous servants!
[37:123] Elias bol 1 z posol.
[37:124] He said do jeho ludia ona nie zavodny righteousness?
[37:125] Ona kult statue Zvrchovany Creator?
[37:126] GOD TVOJ Lord Lord TVOJ forefathers!
[37:127] They disbelieved him. Consequently they bol vola sa zisk
[37:128] Len GOD’s servants je absolutely devoted do Him alone saved
[37:129] My zavarit jeho history subsequent generations
[37:130] Peace bol Elias all those mat rad Elias
[37:131] My thus reward the righteous.
[37:132] He bol 1 z our verit servants.
[37:133] Lot bol 1 z posol.
[37:134] My saved him all jeho rodina.
[37:135] Len stara zensky doomed
[37:136] My annihilated all others.
[37:137] Ona still ist okolo ich zrucaniny dni.
[37:138] A by night. Ona chapat?
[37:139] Jonah bol 1 z posol.
[37:140] He escaped loaded ship
[37:141] He rebelled thus he joined losers.
[37:142] Consequently fish lastovicka him he bol 1 blame
[37:143] If nie bol he vyletne miesto meditation God
[37:144] he zostat its brucho Dni Vzkriesenie.
[37:145] My had him thrown up into zbehnut exhausted
[37:146] My had strom edible ovocie grown for him.
[37:147] Potom my sent him 100000 inak
[37:148] They robit verit my let them enjoy this zivot!
[37:149] Ziadat them if tvoj Lord have dcera chvila they have syn!
[37:150] My create angels robit bol zena? they svedok ze?
[37:151] Indeed they grossly blaspheme when they say –
[37:152] GOD begotten SYN. Indeed they bol liars.
[37:153] He zvolit si girls chlapec?
[37:154] Co bol zlo s tvoj logic?
[37:155] Why ona nie berie heed
[37:156] Ona have any proof
[37:157] Show us tvoj rezervovat si if ona bol truthful!
[37:158] They vecer invented zvlastny vztah medzi Him jinns. jinns zauzlit lenze they
bol subservient.
[37:159] GOD glorified DALEKO ICH REKLAMOVAT.
[37:160] Len GOD’s servants je devoted do Him alone saved
[37:161] Indeed ona co ona kult.
[37:162] Nie impozantny anything Him.
[37:163] Len ona burn Hell.
[37:164] Each jeden z us has specific zamestnanie.
[37:165] My bol arrangers.
[37:166] My duly glorified (our Lord
[37:167] They pouzivat say
[37:168] Had my received toje spravne instrukcia z our rodicia
[37:169] My bol worshipers; devoted do GOD alone
[37:170] they disbelieved they will iste zalozit out!
[37:171] Our decision already decreed for our servants posol.
[37:172] They bol iste victors.
[37:173] Our vojak bol winners.
[37:174] So disregard them for awhile!
[37:175] Watch them; they i watch
[37:176] they challenge our retribution?
[37:177] When it hits them 1 dni bol chudobny dni; they sufficiently warned
[37:178] Disregard them for awhile.
[37:179] Watch them; they i watch
[37:180] Glory bol tvoj Lord velka Lord daleko ich reklamovat.
[37:181] Peace bol posol.
[37:182] Chvalit bol GOD Lord universe.