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Prostration (Al-Sajdah)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[32:1] A L. M.
[32:2] Rezervovat Si bol doubt revelation Lord universe.
[32:3] They said He fabricated it Indeed this bol truth tvoj Lord warn ludia kto never
received warner ona they guided
[32:4] GOD JE JEDEN created heavens ZEM everything them 6 DNI POTOM assumed
all authority Ona have ziaden Him mat rad Lord nor robit ona have intercessor! Ona nie
berie heed
[32:5] All zalezitost controlled Him heaven zem! Do Him dni bol equivalent do 1000 z
tvoj rocnik.
[32:6] Knower z all secrets declarations; Almighty Merciful.
[32:7] He je Jeden zdokonalit everything He created zaciatok creation human z il!
[32:8] Potom He zotrvat jeho reproduction certain lowly kvapalina.
[32:9] He shaped him blew him Jeho spirit He dat ona hearing eyesight inteligencia;
zriedka bol ona thankful.
[32:10] They zazrak After my zmiznut zem robit my created znova? Thus mat rad zretel
schodza ich Lord they bol disbelievers!
[32:11] Say Ona put smrt angel whose zverenec ona miesto potom tvoj Lord ona spatny
[32:12] Len ona see guilty when they bow ich riaditel ich Lord Our Lord ihned my seen
my heard Send us my bol righteous! Teraz my attained certainty.
[32:13] Had my willed my dat kazdy soul its guidance it already predetermined ja fill
Hell jinns humans all dohromady.
[32:14] Chut consequences z tvoj zabudnut this dni; ihned my zabudnut ona. Ona
incurred eternal retribution chrbat tvoj own robota.
[32:15] Iba ludia truly verit v our revelations bol those jesen prostrate upon hearing
them! They glorify chvalit ich Lord any arrogance!
[32:16] Ich strana readily forsake ich zahon v poradie kult ich Lord reverence a hope a
our provisions them they dat!
[32:17] Ona nie have idea ako vela radost happiness cakat ona mat rad reward tvoj
(righteous) robota!
[32:18] Jeden je believer same mat rad jeden je bol zlomyselny? They je equal
[32:19] Mat rad for those verit lead righteous zivot they zasluzit eternal Raj! Such bol
ich abode chrbat ich robota.
[32:20] Mat rad for zlomyselny ich destiny bol Hell. Kazdy cas they try lavy it they
forced chrbat! They told Chut agony Hell ona pouzivat disbelieve do!
[32:21] My let them chut male retribution this world before they incur velka retribution
Hereafter ze they (berie hint reform
[32:22] Kto zly than jeden je reminded z these revelations jeho Lord potom insists
disregarding them? My istota punish guilty
[32:23] My dat Moses scripture – Nie harbor any doubt schodza Him! – My robit it guide
Dieta Izrael.
[32:24] My appointed them imams guided v accordance s our commandments they
steadfastly persevered attained certainty our revelations!
[32:25] Tvoj Lord bol Jeden judge them Dni Vzkriesenie everything they disputed
[32:26] it robit vzdy occur them ako vela generations my annihilated them? They ihned
zit chodza v ich predok domov. This zadovazit sufficient proofs they nie hear
[32:27] they nie realize my drive zavlazit barren zem, produce it zozat zivit ich zivy
inventar i mat rad themselves? they nie see
[32:28] They challenge Kde ze victory ona je bol truthful?
[32:29] Say dni such victory pojdem verit will nie benefit those nie verit before ze, nor
will they dat iny chance
[32:30] Therefore disregard them cakat they i cakat!