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Consultation (Al-Shoora)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[42:1] H. M.
[42:2] A S. Q.
[42:3] inspirovat ona those before ona bol GOD Almighty Wise.
[42:4] Him belongs everything heavens everything on zem He bol the Vela High the
[42:5] heavens them skoro shatter reverence Him angels chvalit glorify ich Lord they
ziadat forgiveness those zem! Absolutely GOD bol Forgiver Merciful.
[42:6] Those set inak lords Him GOD bol 1 zverenec z them; ona nie bol ich zastanca!
[42:7] My thus reveal ona Arabic Quran warn central obec it warn Dni z Zvolat ze bol
inevitable! Some koniec Heaven some v Hell.
[42:8] Had GOD willed He robit them 1 obec. Lenze He redeems Jeho zlutovanie
whomever He wills. Mat rad for transgressors they nie have zvladnut nor helper.
[42:9] they zalozit robit inaksie lords Him? GOD bol IBA Lord Zvladnut He je Jeden
resurrects dead He bol Omnipotent 1.
[42:10] Ona dispute any part z this odkaz judgment for robi this zvysok GOD Such bol
GOD moj Lord Do Him ja trust Him ja submit.
[42:11] Initiator z heavens zem. He created ona z yourselves spouses – A i for zviera. He
thus zadovazit ona vyznam multiply There bol nothing ze equals Him. He bol Hearer
[42:12] Do Him belongs absolute control z heavens zem! He bol Jeden zvacsit provision
whomever He wills reduces it He bol fully aware z all things.
[42:13] He decreed ona same nabozenstvo decreed Noah co my inspirovat ona co my
decreed Abraham Moses Jesus Ona uphold this 1 nabozenstvo nie divide it idol
worshipers vela resent co ona invite them robit! GOD redeems Himself whomever He
wills; He guides Himself LEN those totally submit.
[42:14] Ironically they lamat sects len after znalost pojdem them due do ziarlivsot
resentment themselves. it je for predetermined decision z tvoj Lord respite them fora
definite interim they judged ihned! Indeed neskoro generations zdedit scripture bol full z
[42:15] This bol co ona preach steadfastly maintain co ona commanded robi nie
nasledovat ich zelat! proclaim ja verit v all scriptures sent GOD Ja commanded judge ona
equitably. GOD bol our Lord TVOJ Lord My have our cin ona have tvoj cin. There nie
bol argument us ona. GOD will ZOZBIERAT us all DOHROMADY; DO Him bol
ultimate destiny!
[42:16] Those kto argue GOD after receiving Jeho odkaz ich argument nullified ich
Lord They incurred condemnation zasluzit severe retribution.
[42:17] GOD JE 1 KTO sent scripture deliver truth ZAKON. all ona zauzlit Hodiny
(Dni Judgment je vela koniec.
[42:18] Challenging it bol those nie verit v it Mat rad for those verit they zaujem it they
zauzlit lenze it bol truth! Absolutely those zapierat Hodiny ist daleko astray.
[42:19] GOD JE fully aware z all JEHO creatures; He zadovazit for whomever He wills.
He bol Mocny Almighty
[42:20] Whoever seeks rewards Hereafter my multiply rewards him! whoever seeks
latka this world my dat him therefrom potom he nie receives share Hereafter
[42:21] They nasledovat idols decree them religious zakon never zmocnit GOD If je for
predetermined decision they judged ihned! Indeed transgressors incurred painful
[42:22] Ona see transgressors znepokojit everything they committed everything pod
haunt them! Mat rad for those verit led righteous zivot they bol zahrada Raj! They
receive whatever they zelat ich Lord This bol velka zehnat
[42:23] This bol dobry zvest z GOD Jeho servants verit lead righteous zivot! Say ja nie
ziadat ona any wage Ja ziadat each z ona berie care z tvoj own vztazny. Ktokolvek robit
righteous robota my multiply jeho reward it GOD bol Forgiver Appreciative
[42:24] they saying He (Rashad) je fabricated laicky GOD GOD willed He zapecatit
tvoj zmyslanie GOD erases falsehood affirms truth Jeho words He bol fully aware z
innermost thoughts.
[42:25] He je Jeden accepts repentance Jeho servants remits zhresit. He je fully aware z
everything ona robit.
[42:26] Responding Him som those verit lead righteous zivot. He lejak them Jeho
blessings. Mat rad for disbelievers they incurred severe retribution.
[42:27] If GOD zvacsenie provision Jeho servants they transgress zem. This je He sends
it precisely measured whomever He wills. He bol fully Cognizant Seer Jeho servants.
[42:28] He je 1 kto sends dazo after they zufalstvo spreads Jeho zlutovanie! He bol iba
Zvladnut Zasluzny!
[42:29] Among Jeho proofs bol creation z heavens zem creatures He spreads them. He
bol able do zvolat them when He wills.
[42:30] Anything zly ze happens ona bol consequence tvoj own cin He overlooks vela (z
tvoj zhresit)!
[42:31] Ona never escape ona have ziaden GOD mat rad Lord Zvladnut.
[42:32] Among Jeho proofs bol ships sail sea sails zastava.
[42:33] If He willed He stilled zranit vlavo them motionless on top z zavlazit. These
som proofs those bol steadfast appreciative
[42:34] He annihilate them consequence ich own robota. Radsej He overlooks vela (z
ich zhresit).
[42:35] Those kto argue our proofs robit zalozit out lenze they nie have zaklad.
[42:36] Whatever ona dat bol ziaden inak than temporary latka this zivot. Co GOD
possesses je daleko lepsie everlasting those verit trust ich Lord
[42:37] They avoid gross zhresit zverak a when angered they forgive!
[42:38] They respond ich Lord by observing Zmluva Prayers (Salat)! Ich affairs decided
due consultation themselves a our provisions them they dat laska) k) bliznemu).
[42:39] When gross injustice befalls them they stand ich na pravo.
[42:40] Iba requital injustice bol equivalent retribution those kto pardon maintain
righteousness rewarded GOD He nie laska the unjust.
[42:41] Istota those stand ich na pravo when injustice befalls them nie committing any
[42:42] Chybny jeden je those treat ludia unjustly vyletne miesto do aggression
provocation! These incurred painful retribution.
[42:43] Vyletne Miesto patience forgiveness zrkadlit true strength charakter.
[42:44] Whomever GOD sends astray never zalozit will any inak lord ona see such
transgressors when they see retribution saying my get iny chance
[42:45] Ona see them facing it humiliated debased looking trying avoid looking Those
verit proclaim real losers bol those lost ich souls ich rodina Dni Vzkriesenie.
transgressors zasluzit everlasting retribution.
[42:46] There nie bol allies pomoc them GOD Whomever GOD sends astray never
[42:47] Ona respond tvoj Lord dni pojdem kto decreed inevitable GOD There nie bol
refuge ona ze dni nor zastanca.
[42:48] they turn my nie send ona ich guardian Tvoj chodidlo mission delivering odkaz.
When my lejak human beings s zlutovanie, they become proud when adversity afflicts
them consequence ich own cin human beings turn into disbelievers.
[42:49] Do GOD belongs sovereignty z heavens zem! He creates whatever He wills
granting dcera do whomever He wills granting syn whomever He wills!
[42:50] He have muzsky zena vydana each inak, potom render whomever He wills
sterile He bol Omniscient Omnipotent
[42:51] Ziaden human bol communicate GOD except inspiracia za barrier sending posol
through He reveals co He wills. He bol the Vela High Wise.
[42:52] Thus my inspirovat ona revelation proclaiming our commandments! Ona nie
had idea scripture faith. My robit this beacon guide whomever my zvolit si our servants.
Iste ona guide straight chodnicek.
[42:53] Chodnicek GOD do koho belongs everything heavens everything zem.
Absolutely all zalezitost controlled GOD