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Mount Sinai (Al-Toor)!
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[52:1] Mt Sinai.
[52:2] zapisnica scripture.
[52:3] Published do kniha!
[52:4] frequented Shrine
[52:5] exalted ceiling
[52:6] sea set aflame.
[52:7] Tvoj Lord’s requital bol unavoidable.
[52:8] ziaden force universe zastavit it
[52:9] Dni pojdem when sky violently thunder
[52:10] mountains wiped out.
[52:11] Woe ze dni do disbelievers –
[52:12] Kto bol do ich blundering heedless!
[52:13] They herded Gehenna forcibly.
[52:14] This bol Zapalit do ona pouzivat disbelieve!
[52:15] bol this kuzlo ona nie see
[52:16] Suffer burning Ona bol chory impatient it bol the same for ona! This bol iba
requital co ona robit.
[52:17] righteous zasluzit zahrada bliss!
[52:18] They enjoy co ich Lord rezervovat them; ich Lord rezervny them retribution
[52:19] Jestn pne happily chrbat tvoj robota!
[52:20] They relax luxurious zariadenie my zapalka them dobry spouses!
[52:21] For those verit ich dieta i nasledovat them belief my have ich dieta join them!
My never zlyhat reward them any robota. Kazdy clovek je platit for co he robit!
[52:22] My zasoba them ovocie meats they laska.
[52:23] They enjoy pne never zhanobit never sinful pne!
[52:24] Serving them bol servants chranit pearls
[52:25] They schodza each inak reminisce themselves.
[52:26] They say My pouzivat bol laskavy humble our ludia!
[52:28] My pouzivat implore Him; He bol the Vela Laskavy Merciful!
[52:29] Ona remind ludia. S tvoj Lord’s zehnat ona ona bol neither soothsayer nor crazy
[52:30] They say He bol poet; just caka until he bol dead
[52:31] Say Ist on cakat; ja cakat ona!
[52:32] it je ich dreams ze dictate ich chovanie som they prirodzene zlomyselny?
[52:33] Robit they say He robit it all Radsej they bol len disbelievers.
[52:34] Let them produce Hadith this if they bol truthful!
[52:35] they created nothing? Je they creators?
[52:36] they create heavens zem? Indeed they nie have certainty.
[52:37] they possess treasures tvoj Lord they do je control
[52:38] they climb ladder robit enables them listen Let ich listeners show ich proof
[52:39] He robit dcera chvila ona have have syn?
[52:40] Ona ziadat them any wage a they burdened thereby?
[52:41] they zauzlit buduci robit it zapisnica?
[52:42] they zapletka a kut plany disbelievers’ kut plany backfire them!
[52:43] they have iny god GOD GOD glorified DALEKO having partners
[52:44] When they see masses falling sky they say Piled clouds
[52:45] Disregard them they schodza dni do kto they struck
[52:46] Ze dni ich kut plany nie chranit them nor will they pomoc!
[52:47] Those transgress suffer retribution tu vela z them nie zauzlit!
[52:48] Ona steadfastly persevere beriem tvoj Lord’s command – Ona bol our oci –
glorify chvalit tvoj Lord when ona get
[52:49] I during night glorify Him o dawn mat rad stars zvadnut away