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Initiator (Faater)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[35:1] Chvalit je GOD Initiator z heavens zem appointer angels bol posol kulisy – 2 3 4
(kulisy). He zvacsit creation mat rad He wills. GOD bol Omnipotent
[35:2] When GOD lejak ludia s zlutovanie, ziaden force zastavit it A if He withholds it
nie force inak than He send it He bol Almighty Wise.
[35:3] O ludia zapamatat si GOD’s blessings ona. Je there any creator GOD zadovazit
for ona heaven zem? There nie bol inak god Him. Ako ona deviate?
[35:4] they disbelieve ona posol ona disbelieved GOD bol DO control Z all things!
[35:5] O ludia GOD’s promise bol truth; therefore nie zmateny this lowly zivot! Nie
diverted GOD mere iluzia.
[35:6] devil bol tvoj enemy so treat him mat rad enemy He len invites jeho party bol
dwellers Hell!
[35:7] Those disbelieve incurred severe retribution those verit lead righteous zivot
zasluzit forgiveness velka recompense
[35:8] Note jeden zly robota zdobit jeho oci until he myslienka it bol righteous! GOD
thus sends astray whoever wills IST astray) He guides whoever wills guided Therefore
nie rmutit sa them. GOD JE fully aware z everything they ROBIT.
[35:9] GOD JE JEDEN sends ZRANENIE ZAMIESAT clouds POTOM MY drive them
barren zem, revive such ZEM after they bol dead Thus bol vzkriesenie.
[35:10] Ktokolvek seeking dignity zauzlit ze do GOD belongs all dignity! Do Him
ascends dobry words He exalts righteous robota! Mat rad for those kut plany zly robota
they incur severe retribution; kut plany z such ludia destined zlyhat!
[35:11] GOD created ONA dust POTOM tiny KVAPKA POTOM He ZAPRICINIT
ONA reproduce TVOJ spouses. Ziaden zena becomes pregnant nor dat narodenie Jeho
znalost! Ziaden 1 survives long zivot ziaden 1 zivot snapped short v accordance s preexisting rekord! This bol easy GOD
[35:12] 2 seas nie bol same jeden je fresh lahodny chvila inaksie bol salty undrinkable.
Z each z them ona jestn tender meat vypis jewelry wear Ona see ships sailing through
them seeking Jeho provisions lenze ona bol appreciative
[35:13] He merges night dni merges dni night. He committed sun moon run for
predetermined period z cas! Such je GOD tvoj Lord do Him belongs all kingship! Any
idols ona set Him nie possess seed’s lastura.
[35:14] Ona vola sa on them they nie hear ona. Vecer if they hear ona they nie respond
ona! Dni Vzkriesenie they disown ona. Ziaden informovat ona mat rad the Vela
[35:15] O ludia ona je jeden need GOD chvila GOD bol do ziaden need ktokolvek the
Vela Zasluzny
[35:16] He wills He zrusit ona zastupid new creation.
[35:17] This nie bol i difficult for GOD
[35:18] Ziaden soul beriem zhresit iny soul. soul loaded zhresit implores iny bear part z
its load nie inak soul beriem any part z it vecer they related Iba zaludnit heed tvoj
warnings bol those reverence ich Lord vecer when alone do ich privacy observe Zmluva
Prayers (Salat)! Whoever purifies jeho soul robit so jeho own dobre Do GOD bol
zaverecny destiny.
[35:19] blind seer nie bol equal
[35:20] Nor bol darkness lahky.
[35:21] Nor bol coolness z zaclonit kurit sun
[35:22] Nor je zivy dead GOD zapricinit whomever He wills hear Ona nie robit hearers
those graves
[35:23] Ona bol ziaden inak than warner.
[35:24] My sent ona truth bearer z dobry zvest i mat rad warner. Kazdy obec receive
[35:25] If they disbelieve ona those before them i disbelieved Ich posol ist them zretelny
proofs Zalm enlightening scriptures.
[35:26] Subsequently ja punished those disbelieved ako hrozny bol Moj retribution!
[35:27] Ona nie realize GOD sends nadol sky zavlazit whereby my produce robit ovocie
z various colors Vecer mountains have inak colors peaks je biely red some inaksie color
ravens bol cierny!
[35:28] I ludia zviera zivy inventar pojdem various colors This je ludia truly reverence
GOD bol those bol knowledgeable. GOD bol Almighty Forgiving
[35:29] Iste those recite rezervovat si GOD observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat) our
provisions them they spend – secretly publicly – Zavazovat investicia never loses
[35:30] He recompense them generously multiply Jeho blessings them! He Forgiving
[35:31] co my revealed ona v this scripture bol truth consummating all previous
scriptures! GOD bol fully Cognizant Z JEHO servants Seer.
[35:32] My ist okolo scripture generation generation my allowed whomever my zvolit si
our servants receive it Subsequently some z them zlo ich souls others upheld it len part z
cas chvila others bol eager zavodny righteousness v accordance s GOD’s will this bol
velka triumph
[35:33] They zapisat zahrada Eden they zdobit zatvorka z zlaty pearls ich garments it
robit silk
[35:34] They say Chvalit GOD for zosadit all our znepokojit! Our Lord Forgiving
[35:35] He admitted us abode eternal bliss Jeho grace Never robit my bored tu never
robit my tired
[35:36] Mat rad for those disbelieve they incurred zapalit Hell kde they never zaver smrt
nor je retribution vzdy zmenit them. My thus requite the unappreciative.
[35:37] They scream therein Our Lord ona get us out z tu my zavodny righteousness
robota my pouzivat robi my nie dat ona life-long chance continuous reminders those
berie heed Ona nie receive warner? Therefore chut (consequences). transgressors have
ziaden 1 pomoc them.
[35:38] GOD bol Knower BUDUCI Z heavens ZEM. He bol Knower all innermost
[35:39] He bol Jeden robit ona inheritors zem. Subsequently whoever zvolit si
disbelieve robit so jeho own detriment. disbelief disbelievers len zvacsit ich Lord’s
abhorrence them. disbelief disbelievers plunges them deeper loss
[35:40] Say Consider idols ona set GOD show mna co on zem they have created they
own any partnership heavens? My dat them rezervovat si Have wherein there bol ziaden
doubt Indeed co transgressors promise 1 iny bol ziaden inak than iluzia.
[35:41] GOD JE JEDEN holds heavens ZEM lest they ZMIZNUT. If ktokolvek inak bol
hold them they will vela istota zmiznut! He bol Clement Forgiving
[35:42] They swore GOD solemnly warner ist them they je lepsie guided than certain
congregation! Ihned ze warner robit pojdem them this len plunged them deeper aversion.
[35:43] They vyletne miesto arrogance zem zlo kut plany zly kut plany len backfire on
those kut plany them. they potom expect anything fate z those kto robit same things v the
minuly? Ona zalozit GOD’s system bol never changeable; ona zalozit GOD’s system bol
[35:44] they nie roamed zem noted consequences those preceded them? They je vecer
stronger than they! Nothing zatajit GOD heavens nor zem. He bol Omniscient
[35:45] If GOD punished ludia ich zhresit He nie lavy single creature zem. He respites
them for predetermined interim Once ich interim fulfilled potom GOD bol Seer Jeho