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Hood (Hud)!
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[11:1] A L. R. This bol scripture verses zdokonalit potom elucidated It pojdem z Wise
[11:2] Proclaiming Ona nie kult GOD Ja pojdem ona Him warner i mat rad bearer z
dobry zvest.
[11:3] Ona seek tvoj Lord’s forgiveness potom repent Him. He will potom zehnat ty
generously for predetermined period bestow Jeho grace upon those zasluzit it Ona turn
potom ja fear for ona retribution awesome dni.
[11:4] Do GOD bol tvoj ultimate spatny listok He bol Omnipotent
[11:5] Indeed they zatajit ich innermost thoughts mat rad if keep Him z zauzlit them!
Skutocne mat rad they pokryvka ich clothes He zauzlit all ich secrets declarations. He
zauzlit innermost thoughts.
[11:6] There nie bol creature zem provision nie zaruka GOD A He zauzlit its course its
zaverecny destiny. All som zapisnica profound rekord!
[11:7] He je Jeden created heavens zem 6 dni – Jeho (earthly) domain completely
pokryvka s zavlazit! – v poradie do test ona distinguish those ona zavodny righteousness!
lenze when ona say Ona resurrected smrt those disbelieve say This bol clearly witchcraft!
[11:8] A if my zdrzat retribution they incurred – for my rezervovat it specific obec – they
say Co keeping Him? skutocne once it pojdem them nothing zastavit it ich mocking will
pod haunt them!
[11:9] Whenever my zehnat human bol s zlutovanie us potom zosadit it he turns
despondent unappreciative.
[11:10] Whenever my zehnat him adversity afflicted him he says All adversity ist mna;
he becomes vzrusit proud!
[11:11] Mat rad for those kto steadfastly persevere lead righteous zivot they zasluzit
forgiveness generous recompense
[11:12] Ona zelat disregard some z kto revealed ona ona annoyed it I they say “Ako pod
nie treasure pod him angel? Ona som len warner; GOD controls all things!
[11:13] they say He fabricated (Quran) tell them Potom produce 10 suras mat rad these
fabricated invite whomever ona viem GOD ona bol truthful!
[11:14] they zlyhat schodza tvoj challenge potom zauzlit lenze this revealed GOD’s
znalost a ze there nie bol god except He! Ona potom submit?
[11:15] Those pursue this worldly zivot its latka vanities my platit them ich robota v this
zivot maly zlava.
[11:16] bol they dat up ich share Hereafter consequently Hell bol ich lot! All ich robota
je v vain everything they robit nullified
[11:17] Mat rad for those dat solid proof z ich Lord zvest svedok z Him a it rezervovat
si Moses set precedent zlutovanie they iste verit. Mat rad for those disbelieve various
zoskupit Hell awaiting them. Nie harbor any doubt this bol truth tvoj Lord vela zaludnit
[11:18] Kto zly than those je fabricate laicky GOD They presented ich Lord svedok say
These je jeden kto lied ich Lord GOD’s condemnation befallen transgressors.
[11:19] They zapudit way GOD seek robit it crooked they bol disbelievers Hereafter
[11:20] These never escape nor will they zalozit any lords zvladnut pomoc them against
GOD Retribution zdvojnasobit them. They zlyhat hear they zlyhat see
[11:21] These je jeden lose ich souls idols they fabricated disown them!
[11:22] There bol ziaden doubt ze Hereafter they je zly losers.
[11:23] Mat rad for those verit lead righteous zivot devote ich Lord they je dwellers Raj;
they abide therein forever
[11:24] Vzor these 2 zoskupit bol blind deaf compared do seer hearer! they je equal Ona
nie berie heed
[11:25] My sent Noah jeho ludia saying ja pojdem ona zretelny warner.
[11:26] Ona nie kult GOD Ja fear for ona retribution painful dni.
[11:27] leaders disbelieved jeho ludia said My see ona bol ziaden inak than human bol
us my see ze prvy zaludnit nasledovat ona je the zly among us! My see ona nie possess
any advantage us. Indeed my myslienka ona bol liars.
[11:28] He said O moj ludia co ja have solid proof z moj Lord co if He zehnat mna Jeho
zlutovanie ona nie see it My ist force ona je verit therein?
[11:29] O moj ludia ja nie ziadat ona any peniaze; moj wage pojdem len z GOD Ja nie
vypustit z hlavy those verit; they schodza ich Lord He alone judge them). Ja see ona bol
ignorant ludia.
[11:30] O moj ludia support mi GOD ja vypustit z hlavy them? Ona nie berie heed
[11:31] Ja nie reklamacia ja possess treasures GOD nor robit ja zauzlit buduci nor robit
ja reklamacia bol angel. Nor robit ja say do those despised tvoj oci ze GOD will nie
bestow any blessings them! GOD zauzlit LEPSIE CO bol ICH innermost thoughts! Ja
robit this) ja bol transgressor.
[11:32] They said O Noah ona argued us kept arguing My challenge ona bring doom
ona threaten us ona bol truthful.
[11:33] He said GOD bol Jeden brings it ona if He wills potom ona nie escape
[11:34] Vecer if ja radit ona moj rada nie benefit ona it je GOD’s will send ona astray!
He bol tvoj Lord Him ona spatny listok!
[11:35] they say He robit up this story potom say ja robit potom ja bol zodpovedny moj
zlocin ja bol innocent z any zlocin ona commit
[11:36] Noah nie inspirovat z tvoj ludia verit beyond those already verit! Nie saddened
ich cin!
[11:37] Build ark our watchful oci our inspiracia nie implore Mi on behalf z those
transgressed they destined drown
[11:38] chvila he building ark whenever some z jeho ludia ist okolo him they laughed
him. He said Ona laughing us my laughing ona iba mat rad ona laughing
[11:39] Ona robit iste zalozit out kto suffer shameful retribution incur everlasting
[11:40] When our judgment pojdem atmosphere boiled over my said Beriem it pair z
each laskavy dohromady s tvoj rodina those condemned Beriem ona those verit len a few
verit him!
[11:41] He said Pod on board V the vola sa z GOD bol its sailing its mooring Moj Lord
bol Forgiver Merciful.
[11:42] mat rad it sailed them do kyvat mat rad hills Noah vola sa jeho syn izolovat O
moj syn pojdem ride us robi nie bol disbelievers!
[11:43] He said ja berie refuge hill chranit mna zavlazit. He said Nothing chranit
ktokolvek dnes GOD’s judgment len those worthy Jeho zlutovanie saved kyvat separated
them he je among those kto drowned
[11:44] It proclaimed O zem zhltnut tvoj zavlazit O sky cease zavlazit potom subsided
judgment fulfilled ark finally zvysok on hills Judea. It potom proclaimed transgressors
[11:45] Noah implored jeho Lord Moj Lord moj syn bol member z moj rodina Tvoj
promise bol truth. Ona bol wisest z the wise.
[11:46] He said O Noah he nie bol z tvoj rodina. bol unrighteous ziadat Mna nieco ona
nie zauzlit! Ja enlighten ona lest ona bol the ignorant.
[11:47] He said Moj Lord ja seek refuge Ona lest ja implore Ona znova nieco ja nie
zauzlit. Ona forgive mna have zlutovanie mna ja bol losers!
[11:48] It proclaimed O Noah disembark peace blessings ona narod zostupit tvoj
companions. Mat rad for inaksie narod zostupit z ona my zehnat them for awhile potom
commit them painful retribution.
[11:49] This bol zvest minuly my reveal ona. Ona nie had znalost them – neither ona nor
tvoj ludia – before this. Therefore bol chory. ultimate victory belongs do the righteous.
[11:50] Do ‘Aad my sent ich brat Hood He said O moj ludia kult GOD ona nie have
inak god Him. Ona inventing.
[11:51] O moj ludia ja nie ziadat ona any wage Moj wage pojdem len 1 kto zasvatit
mna! Ona nie chapat?
[11:52] O moj ludia seek forgiveness tvoj Lord potom repent Him. He potom lejak ona
provisions sky zvacsit tvoj strength! Nie turn transgressors.
[11:53] They said O Hood ona nie show us any proof my nie zhyraly our gods on zisk z
co ona say My never bol believers ona.
[11:54] My verit some z our gods afflicted ona curse He said ja bear svedok GOD ona
bear svedok i ja disown idols ona set -!
[11:55] beside Him. So dat mna tvoj collective decision without oneskorenie!
[11:56] Ja put moj trust GOD moj Lord tvoj Lord There nie bol creature He nie control
Moj Lord bol na pravo chodnicek.
[11:57] Ona turn ja delivered ona co ja sent s. Moj Lord zastupid inak ludia do tvoj
miesto; ona nie harm Him v the maly Moj Lord bol do control z all things!
[11:58] When our judgment pojdem my saved Hood those verit him zlutovanie us. My
saved them hrozny retribution.
[11:59] Such bol ‘Aad – they disregarded revelations ich Lord disobeyed Jeho posol
nasledovat ways kazdy zaryty tyrant!
[11:60] Consequently they incurred condemnation v this world Dni Vzkriesenie. Indeed
‘Aad zamietnut ich Lord Indeed ‘Aad ludia Hood zdochnut.
[11:61] Do Thamoud my sent ich brat Saaleh. He said O moj ludia kult GOD ona nie
have inak god Him. He zasvatit ona zem potom zaplatit ona do it Ona seek Jeho
forgiveness potom repent Him. Moj Lord je vzdy zblizit sa responsive.
[11:62] They said O Saaleh ona pouzivat bol popular among us this. Ona enjoining us z
kult co our rodicia kult? My bol full z doubt everything ona told us.
[11:63] He said O moj ludia co ja have solid proof z moj Lord zlutovanie Him? Kto
support mi GOD ja disobeyed Him? Ona len zvacsit moj loss
[11:64] O moj ludia this bol GOD’s camel serve mat rad proof for ona. Ona let ju jestn
GOD’s zem robi nie touch ju any harm lest ona incur immediate retribution!
[11:65] They slaughtered ju. He potom said Ona have len 3 dni zit This bol prophecy
bol inevitable.
[11:66] When our judgment pojdem my saved Saaleh those verit him zlutovanie us
humiliation ze dni. Tvoj Lord bol the Vela Mocny Almighty
[11:67] Those transgressed annihilated disaster vlavo them ich domov dead
[11:68] Je mat rad if they never zivy there Indeed Thamoud zamietnut ich Lord
Absolutely Thamoud incurred ich annihilation.
[11:69] When our posol ist Abraham dobry zvest they said Peace. He said Peace skoro
brought roasted calf
[11:70] When he saw ich hands nie touch it he became suspicious fearful z them. They
said je afraid my dispatched ludia Lot.
[11:71] Jeho manzelka standing ona laughed when my dat ju dobry zvest Isaac after
Isaac Jacob.
[11:72] Ona said Woe mna ako ja bear dieta moj vek tu bol moj muz stara clovek? This
bol skutocne strange
[11:73] They said ona zalozit it strange for GOD GOD bestowed JEHO ZLUTOVANIE
blessings ONA O inhabitants shrine He bol Zasluzny Glorious.
[11:74] When Abraham’s fear subsided dobry zvest delivered him he proceeded argue
us on behalf z Lot’s ludia!
[11:75] Indeed Abraham bol clement extremely laskavy obedient.
[11:76] O Abraham zdrzat sa z this. Tvoj Lord’s judgment issued they incurred
unavoidable retribution.
[11:77] When our posol ist Lot they mistreated he zmiast ich presence. He said This bol
difficult dni.
[11:78] Jeho ludia pojdem rushing; they grown zvyknuty do ich sinful cin! He said O
moj zaludnit bol purer ona if ona berie moj dcera radsej! Ona reverence GOD robi nie
zmiast mna moj guests! Have ona nie jeden reasonable clovek ona?
[11:79] They said Ona zauzlit lepsie lenze my have ziaden need tvoj dcera; ona zauzlit
exactly co my chudoba.
[11:80] He said Ja zelat si ja bol strong enough had mocny ally
[11:81] (angels) said O Lot my je tvoj Lord’s posol these ludia nie touch ona. Ona lavy
tvoj rodina night let nie ktokolvek z ona look zadny tvoj manzelka; ona condemned along
s those condemned Ich appointed lehota bol rano. Nie bol rano skoro enough
[11:82] When our judgment pojdem my turned upside nadol, my lejak it hard
devastating rocks
[11:83] Such rocks designated tvoj Lord strike transgressors!
[11:84] Do Midyan my sent ich brat Shu aib. He said O moj ludia kult GOD ona nie
have inak god Him. Nie cheat when ona measure weigh! Ja see ona bol prosperous ja fear
ona retribution overwhelming dni.
[11:85] O moj zaludnit ona dat full measure full weight equitably! Nie cheat ludia ich na
pravo nie roam zem corruptingly!
[11:86] Whatever GOD zadovazit for ona ziaden zalezitost ako male je daleko lepsie
ona if ona bol skutocne believers. Ja nie bol guardian over ona.
[11:87] They said O Shu aib tvoj nabozenstvo dictate ona ze my zhyraly our rodicia
nabozenstvo musiet running our zalezitost any chovanie my zvolit si? Iste ona zauzlit for
bol clement wise.
[11:88] He said O moj ludia co ja have solid proof z moj Lord co He zadovazit mna
velky zehnat Nie bol moj zelat commit co ja enjoin ona z. Ja len zelat toje spravne vela
chybny mat rad ja viem. Moj guidance zavisiet totally GOD ja put moj trust Him. Do
Him ja totally submitted
[11:89] A O moj ludia nie provoked tvoj opposition mna into incurring same disasters
ludia Noah ludia z Hood ludia z Saaleh; ludia Lot nie bol i daleko z ona!
[11:90] Ona implore tvoj Lord forgiveness potom repent Him. Moj Lord bol Merciful
[11:91] They said O Shu aib my nie comprehend vela z things ona telling us my see ona
bol powerless among us. If nie bol tvoj tribe my stoned ona. Ona have value us.
[11:92] He said O moj ludia moj tribe command velka zretel than GOD this why ona je
bol heedless z Him? Moj Lord je fully aware z everything ona robit.
[11:93] O moj ludia ist on robit co ona zelat a so will ja! Ona robit istota zalozit out kto
z us incur shameful retribution; ona robit zalozit out kto liar bol Iba cakat anticipation ja
cakat anticipation ona!
[11:94] When our judgment pojdem my saved Shu aib those verit him zlutovanie us.
Mat rad for zlo jeden they struck disaster ze vlavo them dead do ich domov.
[11:95] Je mat rad though they never existed Thus Midyan zdochnut iba mat rad
Thamoud zdochnut before ze.
[11:96] My sent Moses our znamenie profound authority
[11:97] Do Pharaoh jeho elders they nasledovat command Pharaoh Pharaoh’s command
nie bol wise.
[11:98] He lead jeho ludia Dni Vzkriesenie all the way do Hell; co chudobny abode do
zit v
[11:99] They incurred condemnation v this zivot i mat rad on Dni Vzkriesenie; co
chudobny chodnicek nasledovat!
[11:100] This bol zvest minuly obec my narrate ona. Some som still standing some
[11:101] My never zlo them; they zlo ich own souls. Ich gods they vzyvat GOD nie
pomoc them v the maly when judgment tvoj Lord pojdem. Skutocne they len ensured ich
[11:102] Such retribution enforced tvoj Lord when obec transgressed Indeed Jeho
retribution bol painful devastating
[11:103] This bol lekcia those fear retribution Hereafter Ze je dni when all ludia zvolat –
Dni svedok.
[11:104] My appointed specific cas it berie miesto.
[11:105] Dni it pojdem nie ist okolo soul utter single word v accordance s Jeho will
Some bol chudobny some bol happy
[11:106] Mat rad for chudobny jeden they bol Hell wherein they sigh kvilit.
[11:107] Eternally they abide therein mat rad long mat rad heavens zem endure v
accordance s will tvoj Lord Tvoj Lord bol doer z whatever He wills.
[11:108] Mat rad for fortunate jeden they bol Raj. Eternally they abide therein mat rad
long mat rad heavens zem endure v accordance s will tvoj Lord – everlasting reward
[11:109] have any doubt zretel co these ludia kult; they kult exactly mat rad they zalozit
ich rodicia kult My requite them ich due share fully zlava.
[11:110] My dat Moses scripture it disputed a it je for predetermined word decreed tvoj
Lord they judged ihned! They bol full z doubt about this suspicious!
[11:111] Tvoj Lord iste recompense everyone ich robota. He je fully Cognizant z
everything they robit.
[11:112] Therefore zotrvat chodnicek ona enjoined nasledovat dohromady those
repented ona nie transgress! He bol Seer z everything ona robit!
[11:113] Nie chudy towards those transgressed lest ona incur Hell zalozit nie allies
pomoc ona GOD potom koniec losers!
[11:114] Ona observe Zmluva Prayers (Salat) both koniec z dni night. righteous robota
wipe zly robota. This bol reminder those berie heed
[11:115] Ona steadfastly persevere GOD never zlyhat recompense the righteous.
[11:116] If len some z those among previous generations possessed enough inteligencia
zakazat zly! Len a few z them zasluzit saved us! Mat rad for transgressors they
preoccupied ich latka luxuries; they bol guilty
[11:117] Tvoj Lord never annihilates any obec unjustly chvila its ludia bol righteous.
[11:118] Had tvoj Lord willed all ludia bol 1 congregation believers). they vzdy dispute
[11:119] Len those zehnat s zlutovanie z tvoj Lord nie dispute truth)! This why He
created them. judgment tvoj Lord already issued ja fill Hell jinns humans all dohromady.
[11:120] My narrate ona enough history posol zosilnit tvoj srdce truth pojdem ona tu i
mat rad enlightenments reminders believers.
[11:121] Say do those disbelieve Robit whatever ona viem a so robit my!
[11:122] Potom caka; my i cakat.
[11:123] Do GOD belongs buduci z heavens zem all zalezitost controlled Him! Ona kult
Him trust Him. Tvoj Lord je never unaware z anything ona robit.