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S. (Saad)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[38:1] S. (Saad) Quran contains proof
[38:2] Those disbelieve plunged into arrogance defiance.
[38:3] Vela generation them my annihilated They vola sa for pomoc v vain
[38:4] They zazrak lenze warner pojdem them them. disbelievers said kuzelnik liar.
[38:5] he robit gods into 1 god This bol skutocne strange
[38:6] leaders zahlasit Ist steadfastly persevere kult tvoj gods This bol co desired
[38:7] My never heard this nabozenstvo our otca. This bol laicky
[38:8] Robit proof pod him us? Indeed they bol doubtful z Moj proof Indeed they nie
lenze chut Moj retribution.
[38:9] Robit they own treasures zlutovanie tvoj Lord Almighty Grantor.
[38:10] they possess sovereignty z heavens zem everything them? Let them pomoc!
[38:11] Radsej whatever forces they muster – Vecer if all ich parties banded dohromady!
– defeated
[38:12] Disbelieving them bol ludia Noah ‘Aad mocny Pharaoh!
[38:13] I Thamoud ludia Lot dwellers Les Midyan;) those bol opponents.
[38:14] Each z them disbelieved posol thus Moj retribution bol inevitable!
[38:15] These ludia expect single blow z kto they never recover
[38:16] They challenged Our Lord robit ona nie rush retribution us Dni Reckoning
[38:17] Je chory v the face z ich utterances zapamatat si our servant David resourceful;
he bol obedient.
[38:18] My committed mountains jeho servis glorifying him night dni.
[38:19] I birds committed serve him; all bol obedient do him!
[38:20] My zosilnit jeho kingship endowed him s wisdom dobry logic.
[38:21] Ona received zvest z feuding clovek Have zalovat jeho sanctuary?
[38:22] When they zapisat jeho izba he znepokojujuci. They said Have fear My feuding
1 iny my seeking tvoj fair judgment Nie zlo us guide us na pravo chodnicek!
[38:23] This brat z bana owns 90 9 sheep chvila ja own jeden sheep He chudoba mix
moj sheep jeho zotrvat pressure mna!
[38:24] He said He bol unfair do ona by ziadat combine tvoj sheep jeho! Vela ludia
combine ich imanie treat each inak unfairly those verit zavodny righteousness these bol
few Afterwards David zazrak if he robit na pravo judgment He myslienka my testing
him. He potom implored jeho Lord forgiveness bowed nadol repented
[38:25] My forgave him v this zalezitost My granted him position honor us dobry
[38:26] O David my robit ona ruler zem. Therefore ona judge among the ludia equitably
nie nasledovat tvoj personal nazor lest it diverts ona way GOD Iste those stray way GOD
incur severe retribution zabudnut Dni Reckoning
[38:27] My nie create heaven zem everything them v vain Such je the myslienka z those
disbelieve! Therefore woe do those disbelieve; they suffer Hell.
[38:28] My treat those verit lead righteous zivot mat rad my treat those commit zly
zem? My treat righteous mat rad my treat the zlomyselny?
[38:29] This bol scripture my sent nadol ona bol sacred – perhaps they zrkadlit its verses
Those possess inteligencia berie heed
[38:30] Do David my granted Solomon; dobre obedient servant.
[38:31] 1 dni he became preoccupied dobry horses night fell
[38:32] He potom said ja enjoyed latka things inak than ja enjoyed kult moj Lord sun
bol ist
[38:33] Bring them chrbat. bid zbohom he rubbed ich noha krk!
[38:34] My thus put Solomon test my zehnat him vast latka wealth he steadfastly
[38:35] He said Moj Lord forgive mna grant mna kingship never attained by ktokolvek
inak! Ona bol Grantor.
[38:36] My answered jeho prayer committed zranit jeho disposal pouring dazo wherever
he chudoba.
[38:37] devils building diving
[38:38] Others miesto jeho disposal.
[38:39] This bol our provision ona; ona dat generously withhold limits
[38:40] He zasluzit honorable position us nadherny abode.
[38:41] Zapamatat Si our servant Zamestnanie he vola sa jeho Lord devil afflicted mna
hardship pain
[38:42] Strike ground tvoj nohy! jaro will dat ona healing pne
[38:43] My restaurovat jeho rodina for him; dva krat mat rad vela. Such je our
zlutovanie; reminder those possess inteligencia.
[38:44] Ihned ona cestovat zem preach odkaz fulfill tvoj zavazok. My zalozit him
steadfast. Co dobry servant! He bol submitter.
[38:45] zapamatat si i our servants Abraham Isaac Jacob. They bol resourceful
possessed vision.
[38:46] My bestowed them velka zehnat awareness Hereafter
[38:47] They zvolit si they bol among the vela righteous.
[38:48] Zapamatat Si Ismail Elisha Zal-Kifl; among the vela righteous!
[38:49] This bol reminder righteous zasluzit nadherny destiny!
[38:50] Zahrada Eden robit je otvorene up ich zavora them!
[38:51] Relaxing therein they dat vela laskavy z ovocie pne
[38:52] They have nadherny spouses.
[38:53] This bol co ona zasluzit Dni Reckoning
[38:54] Our provisions bol inexhaustible
38:55] Mat rad for transgressors they incurred chudobny destiny.
[38:56] Hell bol kde they burn co chudobny abode!
[38:57] co they chut therein bol hellish pne bitter food
[38:58] vela inak z same laskavy.
[38:59] This bol zoskupit thrown Hell ona. They nie vitajte residents Hell). They
zasluzit burn hellfire!
[38:60] newcomers respond Nor ona vitajte. Ona je the jeden preceded us zmylit us!
Therefore suffer this chudobny koniec!
[38:61] They i say Our Lord these je the jeden led us into this; zdvojnasobit retribution
hellfire them.
[38:62] They say “Ako pod my nie see Hell) zaludnit my robit pouzivat pocitat among
the zlomyselny?
[38:63] My pouzivat ridicule them; my pouzivat turn our oci z them!
[38:64] This predetermined fact ludia Hell feud 1 iny
[38:65] Say ja warn ona; there nie bol inak god GOD 1 Zvrchovany
[38:66] Lord z heavens zem everything them; Almighty the Forgiving
[38:67] Say Tu bol awesome zvest.
[38:68] Ze ona bol totally oblivious do.
[38:69] Ja nie had znalost previously feud High Society.
[38:70] Ja inspirovat moj chodidlo mission je deliver warnings ona.
[38:71] Tvoj Lord said do angels ja creating human bol il.
[38:72] Once ja zamyslat him blow him z Moj spirit ona jesen prostrate him!
[38:73] angels fell prostrate all z them
[38:74] Satan; he refused bol i arrogant unappreciative.
[38:75] He said O Satan co zamedzit ona z prostrating before co ja created Moj hands Je
ona i arrogant? Ona rebelled
[38:76] He said ja je lepsie than he; Ona created mna z zapalit created him z il!
[38:77] He said Therefore ona exiled ona banished
[38:78] Ona incurred Moj condemnation Dni Judgment
[38:79] He said Moj Lord respite mna Dni Vzkriesenie!
[38:80] He said Ona respited
[38:81] Until appointed dni.
[38:82] He said ja swear Tvoj majesty ja send them all astray.
[38:83] Tvoj worshipers kto devoted absolutely Ona alone
[38:84] He said This bol truth truth bol all ja utter
[38:85] Ja fill Hell ona all those nasledovat ona.
[38:86] Say ja nie ziadat ona any wage ja nie bol impostor.
[38:87] This bol reminder world
[38:88] Ona will istota zalozit out do awhile!