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Jonah (Younus)
V the vola sa z God Gracious Merciful
[10:1] A L. R. These (list) bol proofs this rezervovat si wisdom.
[10:2] Je it i vela z zazrak ludia ze my inspirovat clovek them? He inspirovat say Ona
warn ludia dat dobry zvest those kto verit they attained position prominence ich Lord
disbelievers said This bol inteligentny kuzelnik!
[10:3] Tvoj iba Lord bol GOD Jeden created heavens zem 6 dni potom assumed all
authority He controls all zalezitost. There nie bol intercessor v accordance s Jeho will
Such bol GOD tvoj Lord Ona kult Him. Ona nie berie heed
[10:4] Do Him bol tvoj ultimate spatny listok all z ona. This bol GOD’s truthful promise
He zasvatit creation potom repeats it v poradie reward those verit lead righteous zivot
equitably! Mat rad for those disbelieve they incur hellish pne painful retribution for ich
[10:5] He je Jeden rendered sun radiant moon lahky He zamyslat its phases ona learn
pocitat rocnik calculate GOD NIE create all this except for specific UCEL. He explains
revelations ludia zauzlit.
[10:6] Iste do alternation z night dni co GOD created heavens zem there bol proofs ludia
bol righteous!
[10:7] Those nie expecting schodza us preoccupied this worldly zivot som content it
refuse heed our proofs
[10:8] these incurred Hell ich ultimate abode consequence ich own robota.
[10:9] Mat rad for those verit lead righteous zivot ich Lord guides them by virtue z ich
belief! Rieka flow them zahrada bliss.
[10:10] Ich prayer therein Je Ona glorified our god ich pozdravy therein je Peace ich
ultimate prayer je Chvalit bol GOD Lord universe!
[10:11] GOD hastened retribution incurred ludia way they ziadat provisions they
annihilated long ago. My lavy those nie verit v schodza us ich transgressions blundering
[10:12] When adversity touches human bol he implores us chvila laicky zasadat
standing Lenze mat rad skoro mat rad my relieve jeho adversity he ist on he never
implored us relieve any hardship! Robota transgressors thus zdobit ich oci.
[10:13] Vela generation my annihilated ona when they transgressed Ich posol ist them
zretelny proofs they refused verit My thus requite guilty ludia.
[10:14] Potom my robit ona inheritors zem them see ako ona robit.
[10:15] When our revelations recited them those nie expect schodza us say Bring Quran
this zmenit it Say ja possibly nie zmenit it on moj own Ja len nasledovat co revealed
mna! Ja fear ja disobey moj Lord retribution awesome dni.
[10:16] Say Had GOD willed ja nie recited it ona nor would ona zauzlit anything it Ja
zivy ona whole zivot this ona zauzlit mi mat rad sane truthful clovek). Ona nie chapat?
[10:17] Kto bol zly than jeden fabricates laicky GOD zavrhnut Jeho revelations. Istota
transgressors never succeed.
[10:18] They kult GOD idols possess power harm them benefit them they say These je
our intercessors GOD Say Je ona informovat GOD z nieco He nie zauzlit heavens zem?
He glorified He je the Vela High daleko above needing partners
[10:19] Ludia pouzivat je 1 congregation potom they disputed it je for predetermined
word z tvoj Lord they judged ihned ich disputes
[10:20] They say “Ako pod ziaden zazrak pod him jeho Lord Say buduci belongs do
GOD cakat ja cakat ona!
[10:21] When my bestow zlutovanie ludia adversity afflicted them they ihned kut plany
our revelations! Say GOD’s kut plany bol daleko effective our posol zapisnica everything
ona kut plany.
[10:22] He bol Jeden moves ona zem sea Ona get ships they sail smoothly nice breeze
Potom chvila rejoicing therein violent zranit blows kyvat surround them kazdy strana!
This bol when they implore GOD sincerely devoting ich prayers Him alone Ona len save
us this cas my bol eternally appreciative
[10:23] mat rad skoro mat rad He saves them they transgress zem oppose truth. O ludia
tvoj transgression bol len do detriment tvoj own souls. Ona zostat preoccupied this
worldly zivot potom do us je tvoj ultimate spatny listok potom my informovat ona z
everything ona robit.
[10:24] analogy this worldly zivot bol this my send nadol zavlazit sky produce it all
laskavy z zasadit z zem zadovazit food ludia zviera! Potom iba mat rad zem perfectly
zdobit its zaludnit myslienka they bol do control thereof our judgment pojdem night dni
vlavo it completely barren mat rad nothing existed previous dni! My thus explain
revelations ludia zrkadlit.
[10:25] GOD invites abode peace guides whoever wills guided straight CHODNICEK.
[10:26] righteous reward multiplied manifold Ich faces never zazitok any deprivation
shame These je dwellers Raj; they abide therein forever
[10:27] Mat rad for those zarabat zhresit ich requital bol equivalent do ich zhresit.
Humiliation bol ich lot ziaden 1 GOD chranit them! Ich faces zdanlivy overwhelmed
masses dark night. They bol dwellers Hell; they abide therein forever
[10:28] Dni when my zvolat them all my say do those kult idols My zvolat ona
dohromady tvoj idols. My have them confront each inak, ich idols say do them My nie
had idea ze ona idolized us.
[10:29] GOD suffices SVEDOK us ONA ZE MY JE completely unaware Z TVOJ
KULT us!
[10:30] Ze bol when each soul examine everything it robit. They spatny listok GOD ich
rightful Lord Zvladnut idols they fabricated disown them!
[10:31] Say Kto zadovazit for ona heaven zem? Kto controls all hearing eyesight? Kto
produces zivy dead dead z zivy? Kto do je control z all things? They say GOD Say potom
ona nie observe commandments?
[10:32] Such bol GOD tvoj rightful Lord Co there after truth je falsehood? Ako ona
disregard all this?
[10:33] This bol co tvoj Lord’s decision robit do those zvolit si je zlomyselny they nie
[10:34] Say Mozem any z tvoj idols zasvatit creation potom repeat it Say GOD zasvatit
creation potom repeats it
[10:35] Say Robit any z tvoj idols guide truth? Say GOD guides truth! Jeden guides
truth worthy z nasledovat 1 kto je guide robit needs guidance himself? Co bol zlo s tvoj
[10:36] vela z them nasledovat nothing conjecture conjecture nie bol zastupid for truth!
GOD JE fully aware z everything they ROBIT.
[10:37] This Quran possibly nie authored GOD It confirms all previous odkaz zadovazit
fully detailed scripture! bol infallible it pojdem Lord universe.
[10:38] they say He fabricated it say Potom produce 1 sura mat rad these invite
whomever ona zelat GOD ona bol truthful.
[10:39] Indeed they zamietnut this without studying examining it a chapat it Thus robit
those before them disbelieve! Therefore note consequences transgressors!
[10:40] Some z them verit v this scripture) chvila others disbelieve it Tvoj Lord bol
fully aware z evildoers.
[10:41] they zamietnut ona potom say ja have moj zavodny ona have tvoj robota! Ona
bol innocent z anything ja robi ja bol innocent z anything ona robit!
[10:42] Some z them listen do ona ona robit deaf hear vecer they nie chapat?
[10:43] Some z them look ona ona guide blind vecer they nie see
[10:44] GOD never ZLO LUDIA; bol LUDIA ZLO ich own souls.
[10:45] Dni when He zvolat all z them they feel mat rad they posledny v this world 1
hodiny dni kto they schodza. Losers indeed je those disbelieved schodza GOD zvolit si
[10:46] My show ona some (z retribution) my promise them zakoncit tvoj zivot before
ze, us bol ich ultimate spatny listok. GOD SVEDOK everything they ROBIT.
[10:47] Do each obec posol. After ich posol pojdem they judged equitably maly
[10:48] They challenge When this prophecy pojdem ist okolo ona telling truth?
[10:49] Say ja nie possess power harm benefit len co GOD wills berie miesto, Each
obec predetermined zivot span Once ich interim pod koniec they nie zdrzat it 1 hodiny
nor zaloha it
[10:50] Say Whether Jeho retribution pojdem ona by night dni why bol transgressors
such ponahlajte sa?
[10:51] it happen ona verit potom? Why ona verit potom? Ona pouzivat challenge it
[10:52] It bol said do transgressors Chut eternal retribution. Ona nie requited precisely
co ona zarabat?
[10:53] They challenge ona prophesy Je this skutocne co will happen Say Ano indeed
moj Lord this bol truth ona never escape
[10:54] If any zlomyselny soul possessed everything on zem it readily offer it mat rad
ransom They ridden remorse when they see retribution. They judged equitably maly
[10:55] Absolutely do GOD belongs everything heavens zem! Absolutely GOD’s
promise bol truth vela z them nie zauzlit!
[10:56] He controls zivot smrt Him ona spatny listok!
[10:57] O ludia enlightenment pojdem ona tu tvoj Lord healing anything znepokojit tvoj
srdce guidance zlutovanie believers.
[10:58] Say GOD’s grace Jeho zlutovanie they rejoice This bol daleko lepsie than any
wealth they accumulate
[10:59] Say ona note ako GOD sends nadol ona all laskavy z provisions potom ona
render some z them unlawful some lawful? Say GOD dat ona permission Robit robit this?
Ona fabricate laicky robit attribute them GOD
[10:60] it robit vzdy occur do those fabricate laicky GOD ze they face Him Dni
Vzkriesenie? Istota GOD lejak ludia Jeho grace vela z them bol unappreciative.
[10:61] Ona nie get any situation nor robit ona recite any Quran nor robi ona robit
anything us je svedok thereof ona robit it Nie vecer atom’s weight bol tvoj Lord’s control
bol it heavens zem. Nor je there anything mala than atom velka ze nie zapisnica
profound rekord.
[10:62] Absolutely GOD’s allies have nothing fear nor will they rmutit sa.
[10:63] They bol those verit lead righteous zivot!
[10:64] For them radost happiness v this world i mat rad do Hereafter This bol GOD’s
unchangeable zakon. Such bol velka triumph
[10:65] Nie saddened ich utterances! All power belongs do GOD He bol Hearer
[10:66] Absolutely do GOD belongs everyone heavens everyone on zem! Those set
idols GOD skutocne nasledovat nothing. They len myslienka they nasledovat nieco. They
len guess
[10:67] He je Jeden rendered night tvoj zvysok rendered dni lighted. These som proofs
ludia hear
[10:68] They said GOD begotten syn! He glorified He bol the Vela Zirny. Do Him
belongs everything heavens everything on zem! Ona nie have proof support such
blasphemy! Ona saying GOD co ona nie zauzlit?
[10:69] Proclaim Those fabricate laicky about GOD will never succeed!
[10:70] They get ich temporary share v this world potom do us je ich ultimate spatny
listok potom my commit them severe retribution for ich disbelieving
[10:71] Recite for them history Noah. He said do jeho ludia O moj zaludnit ona zalozit
moj position moj reminding ona z GOD’s revelations i vela ona potom ja put moj trust
GOD Ona get dohromady tvoj leaders zhodovat sa on zaverecny decision yourselves
potom let mna zauzlit it without oneskorenie!
[10:72] Ona turn potom ja nie ziadat ona any wage Moj wage pod z GOD Ja
commanded bol submitter.
[10:73] They zamietnut him consequently my saved him those joined him ark; my robit
them inheritors. My drowned those zamietnut our revelations. Note consequences; they
[10:74] Potom my sent him posol ich ludia they showed them zretelny proofs they nie
bol verit v co they zamietnut v the minuly. My thus zapecatit srdce transgressors.
[10:75] Potom my sent them Moses Aaron Pharaoh jeho zoskupit our proofs Lenze they
turned arrogant; transgressing ludia.
[10:76] When truth pojdem them us they said This bol obviously kuzlo!
[10:77] Moses said this ako ona describe truth when it Je pojdem ona? bol this kuzlo?
Ako any kuzelnik prevail
[10:78] They said ona pojdem divert us z co my zalozit our rodicia robit attain positions
z prominence yourselves? My never join ona mat rad believers.
[10:79] Pharaoh said Bring mna kazdy zazitok kuzelnik!
[10:80] When kuzelnik pojdem Moses said do them Throw whatever ona throw
[10:81] When they threw Moses said Co ona produced bol kuzlo GOD will robit it
zlyhat! GOD NIE support transgressors’ ROBOTA.
[10:82] GOD ZRIADIT truth JEHO words ZLOCINEC.
[10:83] Ziaden verit Moses except a few z jeho ludia chvila fearing tyranny Pharaoh
jeho elders Iste Pharaoh bol vela i arrogant zem real tyrant.
[10:84] Moses said O moj zaludnit ona have skutocne verit v GOD potom put tvoj trust
Him ona bol skutocne submitters!
[10:85] They said My trust GOD Our Lord save us z persecution these oppressive ludia!
[10:86] Deliver us s Tvoj zlutovanie z disbelieving ludia.
[10:87] My inspirovat Moses jeho brat. Maintain tvoj domov Egypt for the cas bol turn
tvoj domov into synagogues maintain Zmluva Prayers (Salat)! Dat dobry zvest believers!
[10:88] Moses said Our Lord ona dat Pharaoh jeho elders luxuries wealth v this world
Our Lord they len pouzivat them repulse others Tvoj chodnicek. Our Lord wipe out ich
wealth harden ich srdce zamedzit them z verit until they see painful retribution!
[10:89] He said Tvoj prayer answered O Moses Aaron) bol steadfast nie nasledovat
ways z those nie zauzlit!
[10:90] My delivered Dieta Izrael sea Pharaoh jeho troops pursued them aggressively
sinfully. When drowning became reality him he said ja verit there nie bol god except
Jeden Dieta Izrael verit; ja bol submitter!
[10:91] I neskoro! Ona rebelled already zvolit si bol transgressor!
[10:92] Dnes my zavarit tvoj zbor set ona mat rad lekcia buduci generations
Unfortunately vela ludia bol totally oblivious do our znamenie!
[10:93] My endowed Dieta z Izrael position z honor zehnat them dobry provisions lenze
they disputed when this znalost pojdem them. Tvoj Lord judge them Dni Vzkriesenie
everything they disputed
[10:94] Ona have any doubt zretel co revealed ona tvoj Lord potom ziadat those read
previous scripture. Indeed truth pojdem ona tvoj Lord robi nie bol doubters!
[10:95] Nor shall ona join those zamietnut GOD’s revelations lest ona bol losers.
[10:96] Iste those condemned by decree z tvoj Lord nie verit!
[10:97] Ziaden zalezitost co laskavy z proof ona show them (they nie verit) until they
see painful retribution.
[10:98] Any obec verit iste rewarded for verit! For vzor, ludia Jonah when they verit my
relieved humiliating retribution they suffering v this world my robit them prosperous!
[10:99] Had tvoj Lord willed all ludia zem verit. Ona chudoba force ludia robit become
[10:100] Ziaden soul verit except v accordance s GOD’s will He miesto curse upon
those refuse chapat
[10:101] Say Look o all znamenie heavens zem. All proofs all warnings never pomoc
ludia decided disbelieve.
[10:102] they expect fate ich counterparts v the minuly? Say Iba caka ona ja i cakat.
[10:103] My ultimately save our posol those verit. bol our immutable zakon my save
[10:104] Say O zaludnit ona have any doubt moj nabozenstvo ja nie kult co ona kult
GOD Ja kult GOD alone Jeden zakoncit tvoj zivot. Ja commanded bol believer.
[10:105] Ja commanded Keep devoted do nabozenstvo monotheism ona nie practice
idol kult!
[10:106] Ona nie kult GOD co nie possesses power benefit ona harm ona! Ona robit ona
bol transgressor.
[10:107] GOD touches ona hardship ziaden relieve it except He. A when He zehnat ona
nie force zamedzit Jeho grace He bestows it whomever He zvolit si Jeho servants. He bol
Forgiver Merciful.
[10:108] Proclaim O ludia truth pojdem ona tu tvoj Lord Whoever guided guided jeho
own dobre whoever ist astray ist astray jeho own detriment! Ja nie bol guardian over ona.
[10:109] Nasledovat co revealed ona bol chory GOD issues Jeho judgment He bol dobry